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Ageless & Wellness News
Volume 3, Number 13

Sexual vitality is important for quality of life! We believe that a healthy life includes a healthy sex life. That's why we ensure that your personalized program to restore hormone balance addresses any difficulties with sexual vitality. Learn more about our treatments and products, below!  

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Learn More About...
Our Sexual Vitality Treatments 
When your hormones are back in balance, life  changes for the better! Your energy improves,  you sleep better, and you lose weight more easily.  Often, our patients also experience improved  libido and sexual vitality.  At the Ageless & Wellness Medical Center, we  believe that sexual health is an important aspect  of every person's quality of life, no matter your  age or past experiences. To help our patients who  wish to take the next step toward optimal sexual  health, we now offer two Sexual Health  Treatments: the "O-Shot®" (also called the  "Orgasm Shot®") for women and the " Priapus Shot® " for men.

What Is It?
The O-Shot® and the Priapus Shot® are  medical procedures developed and trademarked  by Dr. Charles Runels, M.D. He was the first to  apply an established technique using platelet-rich  plasma to increase blood flow and create  new tissue -- for the purpose of sexual health.  Dr. Randolph, as well as Kristin Byers, MSN, WHNP, ARNP, and Steven Garces, ARNP,  MSN, have been trained and certified to provide  these treatments.

How Does It Work?
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted from a  simple blood draw is injected into your body in  strategic locations to rejuvenate the tissue. The  result is new tissue growth and increased blood  flow. For more than 15 years, medical  professionals have been using PRP to promote  post-operative healing after trauma. This  technique has been most commonly used for professional  athletes; by injecting PRP into joint cartilage,  players can recover more quickly from injury and  be back on the field stronger than before. 

The use of PRP for tissue rejuvenation takes  advantage of the natural healing factors of your  own body! The O-Shot® and Priapus Shot® use  the same material that your body used to heal a  scraped knee when you were a kid -- growth
factors and stem cells that stimulate wound  healing. The results are: new collagen, new blood  vessel formation, and enlargement of fat cells,  with no abnormal cell formation.

Who Is It For?
For women who have experienced vaginal  changes due to childbirth, problems with urinary  incontinence, or pain with intercourse, the O-Shot ® can significantly improve sexual health  and quality of life.
As men age, the tissue in the  penis changes and problems with blood flow can  lead to difficulty with erections. The Priapus  Shot® literally regrows new tissue and new  blood vessels to rejuvenate men's erections.

What Are the Benefits?
* Improved sexual responsiveness
* Improved blood flow
* Cured urinary incontinence (95% effective)

Are There Any Risks?
Medical research contains no reports of serious  side effects from PRP prepared with FDA approved  kits. The platelet-rich plasma used in  the procedure is extracted from your blood, so  there is no foreign material used in the process --
it is the same material your body naturally  produces to heal.

For optimal sexual health... schedule your "Shot" today!

NEW Sexual Vitality Products: 
Available at Dr. Randolph's Pharmacy!
Dr. Randolph's Pharmacy offers several popular products to enhance and restore sexual vitality: 

Oxytocin Nasal Spray: The hormone oxytocin is known to stimulate bonding and feelings of well-being, and is often used to support the birth process and improve lactation. Recent research suggests it also plays a role in women's sexual arousal, lubrication, and enhancing orgasm. A nasal spray is the quickest and most effective method for increasing circulating levels (since oxytocin is destroyed by the GI tract, pills are ineffective). 

StimuLotion Cream: W hen applied to the clitoris or external genitalia, this cream increases blood flow to the applied area and has been reported to improve sensitivity and rates of orgasm. It is comprised of five different medications:  aminophylline, isosorbide dinitrate,
ergoloid mesylate, L-arginine, and pentoxifylline. This synergistic compounded combination draws upon the properties of each ingredient (one bronchodilator, four vasodilators) resulting in effective sexual stimulation enhancement. 

Want more details or have questions? Talk to your clinician at your next appointment to find out more!
Please let us know how we can help you on your path to optimal aging and wellness!

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