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GWBC is excited to bring you weekly Announcements and Call to Action initiatives that may be valuable to the growth of your business, such as our UPS and prescription discounts, procurement opportunities and information regarding WOSB Certification. As a corporate member or certified WBE, we ask that you share this information with your employees, co-workers and other WBENC certified women business enterprises. Our goal is to continue to build a community and support the mission of our organization. 
State Small Business Credit Initiative

The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 (the "Act") created the State Small Business Credit Initiative, funded with $1.5 billion to strengthen state lending programs that support small businesses and manufacturers. Of that total amount funded, Georgia was allocated $47,808,507, North Carolina received  $46,061,319 and South Carolina was allocated $17,990,415 in December of 2011.

Please click on the state below to read more regarding the Initiative:


North Carolina

South Carolina 


Click here to view information regarding initiatives in other states.



URGENT ALERT: FROM WBENC's President Pamela Prince-Eason

Dear Women Business Enterprises and Corporate Members:        

you will find a detailed explanation of a SCAM that is currently in process that has been caught very quickly.

The short version is this:

  • Housing "Pirates" and "Poachers" are a common scam in the travel industry. (Definitions are in the attached document.)  
  • WBENC's database has not been accessed or compromised nor have those of our meeting planners. 
  • Data is gleaned from public information.
  • You do not want to give out your personal, company or financial info to ANYONE via phone.  WBENC and our partners will not solicit you in this way.
  • Current calls and emails are indicating that the scam companies are sponsored by WBENC - this is NOT true and our legal counsel is aware.  We have copies of everything that we can acquire and will continue to keep anything you provide us with as we move forward.
  • It is not likely we can pursue legally.  We can supply a "cease & desist" but it likely would not work. 
  • OUR GOAL is to protect you, your company and others who will attend our conference from loss as part of this scam by making you aware of it and updating you with latest information of concern should it occur.

Don't be misled!
  If you are contacted by anyone regarding our Conference, please send as much information as you can obtain to Stovell Marketing and Public Relations at (phone is 202-588-9875).  The WBENC leadership team and legal department are coordinating the receipt of all information and will review routinely to ensure we have adequate protection in place for our constituencies.    



Pamela A. Prince-Eason

President and CEO

Women's Business Enterprise National Council


Effective January 1, 2012


To:  All GWBC Certified Women Businesses


Subject:  Greater Women Business Council Processing Fee Change Effective January 1, 2012


Over the past four years, GWBC has worked very hard to maintain the processing fees for new and re-certification applications.  It has been our goal to hold these fees as long as it did not present a challenge to our commitment to providing services through our mission of certification, education and procurement opportunities.  After careful evaluation and approval by our board of directors, we will be implementing a sliding scale processing fee structure effective January 1, 2012.


The sliding scale will apply to new and re-certification applications of our women business enterprises as we align revenues with the value creation of the WBENC certification. It will be based on the applicants reported gross revenues from your income tax and/ or end of the year financial statements.   All applicable fees will be based upon the reported year and may vary depending upon an increase or decrease in your company's revenues. To assist you with your analysis of the fees that your company will be paying effective January 1, 2012; please see the following new fee chart:


Annual Gross Revenue                        Non-Refundable Processing Fee

                          0 - $999K                                                 $350

                          $1M - $4.9M                                             $500

                          $5M - $9.9M                                             $750

                          $10M and up                                            $1000


*Revenues based on reported tax returns and/or financial statements


**New and Re-certification Fees effective January 1, 2012


If your company's recertification date is January 31st and GWBC receives the re-certification file postmark date after December 31, 2011; the new fee structure will apply and we will be requesting that your company provide the appropriate payment to GWBC via check or credit card. 


As we continue to expand our operations in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina to the 900+ WBEs; we are leaning forward to effectively grow the Greater Women's Business Council's services and reach out to all levels of our women businesses to assist in their plans for sustainability. 




Roz Lewis, C.P.M., CPSD

Executive Director



Frequently Asked Questions:



1.  Why is GWBC changing its current processing fees structure?

A:  GWBC is aligning revenues with the value creation of the WBENC certification.  It is our 

goal to continue to improve upon the service offerings and opportunities to develop our 

certified women businesses.


2.  My certification will expire in January or February, 2012. What is my processing fee if I submit my re-certification application prior to January 1, 2012?

A:  Re-certification applications that are submitted prior to December 31, 2011 will submit the $300 processing fee payment.  Note: Postmark date must be December 31, 2011.  The sliding scale fees will apply to all applications postmarked or received after December 31, 2011. Note: If your certification does not expire in January or February 2012; your company will need to re-certify under the new sliding scale processing fee that will begin January 1, 2012.  WBENC's recertification system does not allow any updates until 90 days prior to the expiration date. For example: March 2012 re-certification applicants will be able to apply January 1, 2012. All applicable fees will apply.


3.  What is the earliest date that I can apply for re-certification?  

A:  The owner is sent a courtesy reminder 90 days prior to the expiration date of the company's certification. However, WBENC does not guarantee receipt of the reminder e-mail and recommends the WBE marks its calendar as a reminder to begin the process 90 days prior to its expiration date.


4.  My revenues are not listed in WBENClink. How will GWBC determine my processing fee amount?

A: GWBC Certification Manager will review the Federal Tax return and/or the financials (i.e. P&L) to determine annual gross revenues and level of processing fee that is applicable.  Keep in mind, as a part of the re-certification process, all updated documents must be submitted for review prior to submitting to the Certification Committee.


5.  If my revenues change during the certification year, will GWBC increase or decrease my processing fee?

A: No, the sliding scale fee is applicable to the Federal Tax return and/or the financials (i.e. P&L) that are submitted with the annual re-certification application. 


6.  If my certification expires and my profile is deleted from the WBENClink system, what is my cost to apply for certification?

A:  The sliding scale processing fees are the same for new and re-certification applications. The processing fee will be based on gross revenues submitted with the application for certification.  We encourage you to make your WBENC re-certification a priority as our WBENC and GWBC corporate members requires documentation to verify that your company is certified.


7.  Does GWBC offer a payment plan for the sliding scale processing fees?

A:  No, GWBC does not offer a payment plan. We encourage our WBEs to include this processing fee in their annual budget plan.  




2012 Corporate Membership Dues Sliding Scale

Dear Current and Potential Corporate Members:  

Our board of directors has approved a corporate dues sliding scale for our current and targeted corporate members. This sliding scale is effective January 1, 2012 and it will be based on the corporations reported gross revenues from your annual report. To assist you with your analysis of the dues that your company will be paying effective January 1, 2012, please see the following new dues chart:  

Annual Revenue                                      Corporate Dues

                          Under $5 Billion                                       $3000

                          $5 - $25 Billion                                         $3500

                          Over $25 Billion                                       $4000

                          Nonprofit/Government                             $700


GWBC� wants to create a flourishing environment and set the stage for all shareholders whose ultimate goal is to gain market share. To make this a reality, GWBC� will need better access to models for growth for our WBEs and organization that include better communication and integration of the following:


  • How to sell into large corporate and government supply chains/marketing and other business units.
  • Working with women business owners to increase their capacity to effectively network.
  • Scale up GWBC� and WBE operations to increase real job creation and economic impact.
  • Engage your prime suppliers to become a member of GWBC�.
  • Design educational and networking systems according to WBE revenues to appeal to GWBC� WBEs. (Industry groups/Revenue groups)

We are looking forward to you and your company playing an integral part in the above "Call to Action" that will deliver financial value for all shareholders by collaborating and investing in appropriate communities of WBEs initiatives.

Please contact our staff at 404.846.3314 if you have any questions or need additional information to join the WAVE where Women businesses Add Value Everyday!

GWBC� Staff


Salute & Summit Header 2012

As the Executive Director of the Greater Women's Business Council, I want to extend a personal invitation to you to join me at the WBENC 2012 Summit & Salute to Women's Business Enterprises taking place March 21 - 22, 2012 at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, MD.

This year, as WBENC celebrates 15 Years of Vision, Opportunities and Success, join us as we honor and recognize WBENC's Top Corporations and WBENC's 2012 Women's Business Enterprise Stars and specifically our very own WBE Star, Mary Parker, CEO, All(n)1 Security. The greatest benefit of the evening is that it provides another opportunity to network with all of the top level executives from our Corporate Member companies who attend this prestigious event.

Register Today: Click here to view the detailed agenda, current sponsors, and register for the event. Please note the WBENC block of hotel rooms at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront is filling up fast, so register now to make sure you don't miss out.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Roz Lewis






WBENC announces the launch of its new WOSB Micro Site dedicated to supporting the U.S. Small Business Administration's Women Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program.


Certification in Georgia: 

Certification in North Carolina and South Carolina: 


*Must be a WBENC Certified Women Business Enterprise

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 "I wanted to pass along some delightful news in these difficult times.  We enrolled in the UPS WBE discount program you made us aware of and we are saving approximately $244 per month.  We saw shipping costs rise with the cost of fuel, etc.  Our costs are now back in line thanks to this great program."

-Margie Mochetti, Control Specialties





You, your employees and families can save on prescription costs.  Compare on-line savings prior to going to the Pharmacy.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!


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Procurement Opportunities

 Have You Registered Your Company for
Procurement Opportunities with DNC Charlotte? 


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Click here for a list of open RFPs 


Join other Women Businesses at the GWBC Tables of 8  

Meet Robyn Hamilton

Director, Business Relations, Democratic National Convention


 Stax Grill, Greenville, SC 

 February 23, 2012

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