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Welcome Cody Ryan!
Cody Ryan is the newest member of the Learning Community Office. Cody joined the team in mid-April as the Program Assistant of the Learning Community Program.  Cody is originally from Calais, Maine, but moved to Connecticut to attend UConn. Cody graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology. 
Welcome to the 2016-2017 Learning Community Executive Council!
Richa Jain, President 
Sabrina Harrison, VP Administration
Joel Thomas, VP Community Development
Maggie Balogh, VP Social Affairs
Riley Pflomm, VP Operations
Alex Hu, VP Marketing
Juliana Jacoboski, VP Student Recruitment
Amy Hetherington-Coy, VP Leadership
Rima Viradia, VP Enrichment
Welcome to the 2016-2017 Learning Community Ambassadors!

Alison Scalenghe, Business Connections House
Lauren VanFossan, Business Connections House
Irene Mathew, Business Connections House
Emily Kleban, Business Connections House
Jeremy Lao, Business Connections House
Peter Fahey, EcoHouse
Pierre Fils, EcoHouse
Amy Cerezo, EcoHouse
Jason Ferrari, Engineering House
Shannon Fortier, Engineering House
Sheila Khayami, Engineering House
Victoria Blair, Engineering House
Summer Kochersperger, Eurotech House
Gabrielle Bachoo, Global House
Richmond Apore, Global House
Sidayah Dawson, Human Rights & Action House
Seyoung Lim, Human Rights & Action House
Brittany Chu, Human Rights & Action House
Allison Rosaci, Humanities House
Meggy Adorno, Humanities House
Sydney Fowora, Humanities House
Luis Loza, La Comunidad Intelectual House
Catherine Ramirez Mejia,La Comunidad Intelectual
Lilia Falcon, La Comunidad Intelectual 
Carlos Madrid, La Comunidad Intelectual
Kimberlee Arnett, Leadership House
Karan Shah, Leadership House
Alex Hu, Leadership House
Pio Yoon,Leadership House
Emily Castagna, Leadership House
Kamna Desai, Nursing House
Samantha Marquardt, Nursing House
Grace Lo, Public Health House
Juliana Jacoboski, Public Health House
Alexis Droesch, Pre-Pharmacy House
Roodline Bertrand, Pre-Pharmacy House
Joseph Dinan, Pre-Pharmacy House
Sarah Rumsey, WiMSE House
Anna Ardizzoni, WiMSE House
Sarah Horbury, WiMSE House
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April 2016
Learning Community Executive Council End of the Year Remarks
Dear Learning Community Faculty, Staff, Students, and Friends, 
I want to take an opportunity in this month's Learning Community Newsletter to address the Learning Community Family. With hundreds of events being held, programming being delivered, and a handful of new Learning Communities being created... there is a LOT to talk about as we close out the year. As UConn Communications put it, the Learning Community Program is "flourishing."  
This year, I want to speak to you all about a Learning Community organization that has been developed over the last two years. This organization is the Learning Community Executive Council (LCEC).
The LCEC is a group of Learning Community student leaders that provides support and guidance to the Learning Community Program Office. Staff and students work hand in hand, thinking about the big picture as it relates to the Learning Community Program. This student - staff collaboration results in quality programming for all Learning Community students, as those on the LCEC have participated in the program as members of Learning Communities on campus.
As President of the LCEC, I have seen firsthand the impact we've had on the work done by the Learning Community Office. Since the creation of the council just two years ago, we have worked on a number of important projects from administrative initiatives to large scale events. Some of the projects that the council has done this year include: Research Connections, Learning Community Spirit Week, the end of the year survey, and the Learning Community Student Leadership Consortium, just to name a few.
This is only the beginning. As the LCEC continues to develop, our reach and scope will grow even larger and more impactful.  I ask you all; faculty, staff, and students, to use the LCEC as a resource through your journey through the Learning Community Program! From pitching an idea for your specific Learning Community to an event you'd like implemented across the Learning Community
Program, reach out to us. There are nine dedicated student leaders available to you.
I want to give a big thank you to Jennifer Murphy, the Learning Community Program Coordinator and Advisor to the LCEC. Without her support the LCEC would not have been possible. I would also like to thank all of the student leaders past and present, who have dedicated their time to work on the LCEC.
It has been an honor to work with such an incredible group of people throughout my time in Learning Communities. I look forward to hearing of all the future accomplishments of the Learning Community Program, with the help of LCEC.
Aaron Plotke
Learning Community Executive Council
Learning Community Spirit Week Highlights! 

Learning Community End of the Year Survey!


This is the final newsletter of 2015-2016! Thank you all for a wonderful year in Learning Communities!  For those of you who are moving on from Learning Communities next year, we hope that you had a wonderful experience in the program and we wish you the best of luck in all that you do.  For those of you who are returning, we are looking forward to working with you again next year.  For our seniors who are graduating, please stay connected with us!  We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Have a great last week of classes and good luck with finals! 

The Learning Community Program Team
Melissa Foreman, Jennifer Murphy, Kristen Glines & Cody Ryan

Office of First Year Programs & Learning Communities
Learning Community Program