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Learning Community
Research Connections 
Wednesday, October 19
6:00-7:30 p.m.
NextGen Forum

Learning Community Research Connections is open to all Learning Community students who are interested in hearing more about research opportunities in campus and how to get involved.
Learning Communities in
Cape Town, South Africa 

Information Session:
Tuesday, October 4
3-5 p.m.
Gentry 119E
Meet the Rev. Vernon Rose (coordinator of the service learning placements during the trip) and Dr. Marita McComiskey (Instructor for the Summer course in Cape Town)

Thursday, October 6
6 p.m.
Gentry 131
Meet the 26 students that attended last year and hear about their amazing experiences!
Academic Achievement Center Workshops 
10/4 (7 p.m.)
Learning from Exam Performance

10/6 (4 p.m.)

iStudy: Educational Apps for Success

10/10 (7 p.m.)

Study Better, Faster, Stronger

10/12 (7 p.m.)
Igniting your Motivation

10/13 (4 p.m.)

168 Hours: Work, Play, Study
Career Fairs 

ScHOLA2RS House Trip to Washington, D.C. 

Animal Science LC Trip
to the Big E 

WiMSE Trip to the Dairy Bar 

Human Rights & Action House Retreat at Camp Horizons 

Husky Haulers 

Learning Community Ambassadors at the
Fall Open House

September 2016
Learning Community Kickoff

The 2017 Learning Community Kickoff was a success!  Over 1,400 students from 30 different Learning Communities attend this annual Husky WOW tradition. The guest speaker, Dr. Michael Gilbert and the five student speakers; Maggie Balogh, Joel Thomas, Aziz Sandhu, Amy Cerezo, and Vince Zhang, did a fantastic job addressing the group.  A special shout out to our MC, Justis Lopez, Alumni of Leadership House, for his great energy and helping to kickoff another great year in Learning Communities.

Grand Opening of NextGen Hall 

Next Generation Connecticut Hall, UConn's first building completed under the STEM initiative, represents the first time UConn has constructed a residence hall with learning communities in mind. It houses over 700 undergraduate students among 8 floors, including first- and second-year students, floor mentors and RAs. Students dine in Putnam Refectory, which was renovated this past summer to include a second floor to accommodate the increased population of students in the Hilltop area. Eight of our 30 learning communities on campus reside in NextGen, each with their own community room on the first or basement floor, used for FYE classes and various seminars.

NextGen Hall is LEED certified, with several 'Green' features such as a roof garden, solar panels and an energy dashboard on the first floor, informing students of how much energy the building is using. You can also find the NextGen Forum/Idea Lab on the first floor, a space for public speakers, seminars and events; and the Learning Community Office suite, located in room 114. The basement of NextGen Hall is equipped with 32 washers and 16 dryers, and features our Innovation Zone - a "Maker space" tailored for students to work in teams to solve problems, create projects, and learn together. All learning community students will have access to state-of-the-art equipment including several 3D printers, a laser cutter, and more. It is an exciting time to be a learning community student!

Britney Reynolds, sophomore, Innovation House student speaks at the NextGen Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on August 24, 2016. 
Welcome New
Learning Communities!

Three new Learning Communities have opened this year; Honors to Opportunities (H2O) House, ScHOLA2RS House, and Transfer Connections House. ScHOLA2RS House and H2O House are both located in NextGen Hall and Transfer Connections House is located in Busby Suites.  We are excited to welcome these three communities to the LC family!

ScHOLA2RS House students at the Welcome Reception on August 26, 2016.  
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Learning Community
Student Achievements

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