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Welcome back to campus and happy first week of Spring semester classes!

Global House kicked off the start of the Spring semester with a welcome back meeting and a tea tasting!

All of the Learning Community Teams got together last week to plan the Spring semester at the Learning Community Team Planning Meeting!

EcoHouse traveled to Sub-Antarctic, Chile over Winter Break!

Business Connections House
traveled to Macon, Georgia. Read more about their experience here.

Community Service House
& Leadership House 
went to Birmingham, Alabama for an Alternative Break Trip this Winter Break!

Welcome back to UConn 
Chris Reschberger
and Ben Paul!
Chris and Ben studied abroad in Italy this past Fall and traveled to many countries during their time abroad! Chris and Ben were both members of Business Connections House and have joined Global House this semester!

YOU|create Spring 2015 Kickoff event took place Wednesday night.  Students are currently working on their next "challenge" and are coming up with solutions to different issues at UConn. At the kickoff event, students worked with their University Mentors to create and outline a business model based on the solutions they created.

Learning Community Program
Learning Community Newsletter
January 2015
Learning Community Director Highlight:

Dr. Hedley Freake, Global House
Dr. Hedley Freake is a Professor in Nutritional Sciences and has been a faculty member at UConn for 27 years!  He is currently serving in the role of Faculty Director of 
Global House and has been serving in this role since 2012.  Dr. Freake has been incredibly involved in his role as Faculty Director of Global House by coordinating many nights and weekend programming including forum discussions, cultural nights, programs about global awareness, as well as yearly trips to NYC to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  Dr. Freake has also coordinated Alternative Spring Break trips and international trips as another level of engagement for Global House students.


"I am an immigrant to the United States and this has always influenced my view of Global House and the value it has for its student residents.  Firstly, I am quite aware of what it means to separate myself from my culture of birth and the strains and rewards of so doing.  About half of the students in Global House were born outside of the United States and are here for either one or two semesters as an exchange student or to pursue an entire undergraduate degree.  We seek to ensure these students feel welcome at UConn and provide them with a base from which they can explore this country.  We are greatly enriched by their presence and so Global House constitutes a wonderfully diverse environment for US students to learn about the world.


The diverse social environment of Global House constitutes a powerful learning environment by itself but we seek to amplify that learning by offering a range of activities that give students information, perspectives and tools of global relevance.  For example, we hold regular Global Forums that engage with important issues ranging from Arab-Israeli relationships to Global attitudes toward Gay Rights.  Last summer, I led a study abroad trip to Hong Kong and neighboring regions of China.  This allowed students to explore a very different part of the world that has nevertheless been highly influenced by its interactions with Europe and North America.  The trip was a great success and will be repeated again this year."- Dr. Hedley Freake


Dr. Freake will complete his three-year term as Faculty Director of Global House and will be stepping down at the end of this year to return to his departmental obligations.  Dr. Freake has created an environment in Global House where students feel a connection to each other and have the opportunity to engage in experiences they wouldn't be able to otherwise.  Dr. Freake's dedication and commitment to his students and to Global House will be greatly missed.

Two Faculty Director Searches Underway
The Learning Community Program is looking for a Faculty Director for Global House and for Human Rights & Action House starting in the Fall of 2015.  For more information about these postings please visit the links below:

If you know a faculty member that would be a great Learning Community Director, please encourage them to apply!

Learning Community Executive Council
The Learning Community Executive Council had a successful Spring Retreat on Monday at Four Arrows!  They participated in team building activities and also generated ideas and goals for the Spring semester!

The Learning Community Executive Council is looking to hear your feedback about what you would like to see for the Spring semester.  If you have any ideas for the Learning Community Program, please feel free to email livelearn@uconn.edu!

New Additions to the Student Life Awards!

The Office of First Year Programs and Learning Communities is excited to announce two new additions to the Student Life Awards for this year!
  • Learning Community Leadership Award
  • First Year Excellence in Innovation Award
Nominations open on February 2nd!  For more information please visit www.sla.uconn.edu

Thank you for taking the time to read this month's edition of the Learning Community Program Newsletter.  If you are interested in seeing a particular article, or you want your Learning Community to be featured in the next newsletter, please email us at livelearn@uconn.edu.

Happy New Year!

The Learning Community Program Team
Melissa Foreman, Jennifer Mathieu, Kristen Glines & Jordan Szczygiel

Office of First Year Programs & Learning Communities