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Jeffrey C. McKay     

As 2016 comes to a close I want to reflect on all of the progress we have made both here in Lee District and throughout Fairfax County. Our schools continue to succeed, our award winning parks are ever expanding and used by more than 90% of residents, transportation improvements are constantly being worked on, and our revitalization areas continue to thrive. Thank you for your role in making our community the wonderful place it is to live, work, and play. Happy Holidays! 
Springfield Town Center 

In the two years since we reopened our revitalized Springfield Town Center, the property has done more than just become a regional shopping destination. It has become a source of economic growth county wide.

Reports from the Department of Tax Administration show that Springfield Town Center is the third most valuable property in Fairfax County. The top principal taxpayers in Fairfax County, paying $27 million in taxes and making up 1% of the real estate tax, were Tysons Corner Property Holdings LLC, Fair Oaks Mall, and our very own Springfield Town Center. We know during these tough budget times, commercial growth is vital to keeping our budget balanced. Many simply talk about growing our tax base to relieve budget pressures, in Lee District we are doing that. 

A jump in land value from $130 million to nearly half a billion dollars didn't happen by accident, it was a collective effort that recognized the need for a revitalized community center. With great business partners and support, I facilitated and pushed for the renovation and reopening of the now Springfield Town Center. This is a solid indicator of the great economic revitalization and success we are seeing in the Franconia/Springfield area. I could not be more pleased. I am confident that its success will only continue to grow and spark more economic growth and redevelopment in our area. 

Because of the Town Center's success, there are now more things to do for the community, more business opportunities, and more ways to grow the economy right in our backyard. I am looking forward to continued work with our great business community to continue revitalization growth in Central Springfield. 
Legislative Update

It's a great honor to serve as Chair of the Legislative Committee. With that role comes the responsibility of making sure we are focused on the main goals of the County and are accurately representing our collective interests in Richmond with the General Assembly. 

K-12 education is the County's top priority for this session. Much was accomplished last session and for that I am grateful. Funding this session will prove to be just as important. $4.4 million in state funding for teachers' salaries is currently at risk, as is funding for a full year of raises in FY 2018.

Additionally, returning retirement rates to the original implementation schedule adopted in 2012 would help us to navigate these challenging times - such a change would reduce FCPS' required spending by over $25 million in FY 2017, which is more than one penny on our real estate tax rate. As you know, there are many factors that have stressed our capabilities at the local level to continue to provide the quality of education that our residents expect and deserve. 


Schools continue to experience growth in enrollment, and have significant numbers of children in need - more than 52,000 children in FCPS qualify for free and reduced lunch. That number alone would be the 5th largest stand alone school district in Virginia. Yet state aid to the County does not adequately reflect these factors. Of the 10 largest school divisions in the state only Fairfax and Loudoun Counties are also in the top 10 with the largest local funding share per pupil, and among the smallest state share of money. That issue is one we hope to continue to work with you to address in the future. 

I hope there is much success and achievement in this upcoming session and look forward to continuing to serve as Legislative Chairman.

Snow Day Prep

With December comes colder weather and the growing promise of snow. Here is some helpful information if and when we see some snow this Winter:

  • Find out where the plows are in your neighborhood here.
  • Real-time updates on road conditions and traffic incidents here. 
If you need help or have questions about plowing or winter weather procedures, please contact my office at 703-971-6262. During bad weather my staff and I check office phone messages remotely. (Of course, for any emergency, please call 9-1-1.)

Don't forget about the Snow Day Camp for children program through the Park Authority. You can get more information on the initiative  here.
  Voter Turnout 

This past election, more than 55,000 people voted in Lee District t o make up more than 563,000 votes in Fairfax  County. 81.1% of re gistered voting_people.jpg  voters in Lee District voted this year and 82.5% of the County's registered voters. I am so pleased to see so many taking an active part in our democracy and government. 

Because of all of the advanced prep work and planning done by the Office of Elections, poll lines were fairly short. There were almost no lines at 6 pm and most precincts closed on time, unlike four years ago. Part of this is due to the expansion of absentee and early voting this year. More than 11,000 people voted early in Lee District and more than 131,000 voted early in the County--making up close to a quarter of all votes at 23.3%. 

Locally the County invested over $7 million on upgrades and on required equipment to ensure the voting process ran as smoothly, efficiently, and quickly as possible.
Lockheed Boulevard

Much needed improvements on Lockheed Boulevard and Route 1 are complete! The lanes were restriped, a wider median was put in, four new accessible curb ramps were installed, new sidewalks and street curbs were added to go with the new ramps, and an improved stormwater structure was installed. A new Southbound bus pad was installed. Northbound got an enlarged bus bad and will get new bike racks, a new trash receptacle and vendor boxes. Pedestrian signals with push buttons are now in use, new signage to help the flow of of traffic was installed as well as updated pavement markings. 

Outdoor Storage and Code Compliance

With the leaves off of the trees, you may begin to notice construction materials, appliances, tires, equipment, boxes, furniture, items covered by a tarp or canvas cover, and other random outdoor storage items on your neighbor's property that may not have been visible when leaves were on the trees. 

 Article 10-102 of the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance regulates the size and location of outdoor storage and if it is excessive or located improperly on the lot, DCC can issue a Notice of Violation to have it removed.  See the DCC's flyer on outdoor storage here.

Board Meeting Updates
The Board celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Early Intervention for Birth Through Three in Fairfax County, something that is personal to me in its importance. Part of the Infant & Toddler Connection, Birth Through Three is a development checklist and support system for you and your child as they go through key development stages--something we are very fortunate to have in Fairfax County. 

At the Board Meeting on December 6, much was accomplished. Included in that was:

*Approval of a letter discussing the early closing of the Metrorail system to WMATA

*Approval of a zoning ordinance in a Residential Conservation District regarding establish a new or expanding an existing farm winery, and/or limited distillery 

For a full list of everything that was voted on and discussed at the December 6 meeting, click here

To watch the Board Meeting click here

To listen to a podcast of Board Meeting highlights, click here.

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Jeffrey C. McKay
Lee District Supervisor
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors