Frederick Gilbert Bourne Forgotten Titan Of The Gilded Age
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Frederick Gilbert Bourne Forgotten Titan Of The Gilded Age
A Biography
Authored by Philip Selvaggio 

In fewer than twenty years Frederick Bourne ascended from near poverty to being one of the wealthiest men in America. He has a direct historic connection with the Titanic disaster, the tragic death of John Lennon and the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. He owned the finest estate on the Gold Coast of Long Island and built the tallest building in the world in Manhattan. His intellect, deep moral convictions, personal charm and business savvy brought him to the Presidency of the first multinational, multi-million dollar companies in America; the Singer Sewing Machine Company whose product planted a seed for the liberation of women throughout the world. 
The success of this deeply loved father of twelve did not come about without personal tragedy. For the first time, the amazing story of this generous philanthropist, his adventures and eclectic interests-largely lost to time are brought to life in riveting detail by Author Philip Selvaggio.
Publication Date:
May 01 2017
1543014062 / 9781543014068
The book can be purchased on Createspace and is also available on Amazon. 
This was a very enjoyable and well done book. In-depth information on a man and family of which very little organized documentation could be found. Also provides detailed historic information on prominent buildings in NYC and in Oakdale NY. Highly recommended
-- Amazon review from reader Chris Fritz
Philip Selvaggio brought me back in time to a time in Long Island History in his book about Frederick Gilbert Bourne owner of Singer Sewing Company. Selvaggio shows Bourne's influence on The South Shore of Long Island and all the wonderful things he did for the local communities in the area. The book was written in a way the reader can get a grasp of the essence of Bourne and what kind of man he was to his family, employees and local community. The book is a quick read at 131 pages along with photographs of The Guilded Age of Bourne.
--R eview from reader William Corcoran
Selvaggio will be discussing the book on The Evan Ginzburg Show Sunday 11AM-1PM ET archived 24/7 at where the book will also be reviewed by Chris Michaels.  Also appearing on the show Singer/songwriter/Author Jenn Friedman and wrestler/actor Gary Reno. 

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