March 18, 2011

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Important Dates for your calendar:

Wednesday, March 23:

Last day to consider bills not in their original house.


Saturday, April 2:

Only omnibus budget bills and vetoed legislation considered after this date.


Wednesday, April 27:

Veto session ends.

Stateside News

Update on Insurance Bills:

SB 71 - Increase to CE requirements - remains in Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee.  Chair Ruth Teichman announced that she would request an interim study on the issue.

SB 136 - No Pay, No Play - has passed to the House Committee of the Whole and should be worked the week of March 21 - 25. It would prevent an uninsured motorist from collecting non-economic damages.

SB 206 - Surplus Lines bill - was amended into HB 2075 and is scheduled to be worked in the Senate Committee of the Whole on Monday, March 21.  It would help Kansas comply with the federal Dodd-Frank Act.

HB 2119 - "Crash Tax" - was amended in Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee and will be worked in the Senate Committee of the Whole the week of March 21-25.

HB 2134 - Work Comp Reform - was scheduled to be worked in the Senate on Wednesday, March 16th, but was delayed until Monday, March 21st.  This is the bill that reforms and modernizes workers compensation benefits in Kansas.

HB 2139 - Work Comp Insurance Modernization - has passed with several amendments from the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance committee.  It will be worked in the Senate Committee of the Whole the week of March 21-25.


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National News

Big I Success

The Big I has worked to successfully get two pieces of legislation introduced addressing agent issues.  NARAB II (agent licensing reform) was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX), Rep. David Scott (D-GA) and more than 40 original co-sponsors.  The bill, H.R. 1112, would provide for streamlined non-resident insurance agent and broker licensing while preserving state insurance regulation.  You can read more here.

Additionally, the Big I lead the efforts to get introduction of the MLR clarification legislation.  With the help of Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) and Rep John Barrow (D-GA), the "Access to Professional Health Insurance Advisors Act of 2011" was introduced, Thursday, March 17th.  The bill would clarify that agent compensation is not part of the Medical Loss Ratios formula as enacted in the health care overhaul law.  You can read more here.

The Big I is leading the way on these issues and more.  The Big I National Legislative Coference scheduled for April 13-15 will give agents and brokers from across the country an opportunity to provide the grassroots support that makes the lobbying efforts of the Big "I" so effective.  The more agents that attend, the stronger the message sent to lawmakers.  If you cannot attend this year, please consider supporting the Big I lobbying efforts with a contribution to InsurPac.