January 30, 2013


There are two bills that are nearing critical votes in the General Assembly:
parental rights and sports access.


Parental rights and sports access have both passed committee votes and are now in the full Senate and House. The first readings were Tuesday, and they are each on track for debate today. The votes for each should be this Thursday if all goes as scheduled.


Your phone calls can make a difference in the outcome of these bills. 


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Yvonne Bunn, Homeschool Support
Yvonne Bunn
Director of Homeschool Support



It is crucial that your senator hears from you before his or her vote is cast Thursday at noon. Call and ask your senator to vote "yes" on SB 908. You can find your senator's name and phone number here.


Senator Bryce Reeves' parental rights bill (SB 908) passed the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and its first reading before the full Senate. It will be debated on the Senate floor today (Wednesday) and a vote should be taken tomorrow (Thursday).


SB 908 will protect parental rights in Virginia as fundamental rights, not "ordinary" rights. A right that is not fundamental will allow the government or court to infringe on the right as long as it has a rational reason to do so.



Access to interscholastic activities will allow homeschoolers to participate in public school sports, as well as forensics, theater, speech, debate, publications, and other activities regulated by the Virginia High School League.  

Lt. Governor Bolling Presides Over the Senate
Lt. Governor Bolling Presides
Over the Senate


HB 1442, patroned by Delegate Rob Bell, passed the House Education Committee and is now on the agenda for a vote in the full House on Thursday. If you support access to interscholastic activities, contact your delegate and ask him or her to vote for the "Tebow Bill." Click here to find your delegate's name and contact information.    



The General Assembly session convenes at noon each day. On Wednesday, you can view debates for both bills, one in the House and one in the Senate, on the General Assembly website. You can see votes take place "live" on Thursday at the same link.


I expect both debates to be lively! See and hear your representatives in action!

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