February 2018 

This month's Board meeting was enormously important for all of Cook County, but especially the First District.

The Board took an important step in fighting gun violence by unanimously approving a resolution I sponsored declaring the scourge of gun violence to be a public health epidemic. The residents of Chicago and Cook County have long known this to be the case, but elected leadership thus far has failed to formally declare it to be the crisis that it is.

The legislation urges the Cook County Health and Hospitals System to step up trauma care. Further, this legislation encourages the federal, state and local levels of government to provide additional aid for job training and job opportunities.

The Board also approved an ordinance I sponsored that will require all agencies of county government to report quarterly to the County Board about the cost of gun violence. I am confident that the cost to taxpayers is astronomical, and you deserve to know exactly what that cost is.

I also introduced an ordinance that will lift the cap on personal net worth for minority contractors at the Health and Hospitals System. I've made it clear that the CCHHS minority contracting numbers are simply unacceptable, and the Inspector General has said that this move will help improve the issue.

I was also happy to be a co-sponsor of legislation that will encourage all agencies of County government to find ways to consolidate their individual IT departments. This move will save taxpayers money without any impact to County services.

The Board also passed a resolution I co-sponsored calling for stronger ethics legislation. We must make sure elected officials are abiding by the laws set out to protect the public while performing their duties.

I hope this update is useful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 312.603-4566.