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This is going to be hard, but it will be worth it! WE are going to reset our bodies to healthier eating patterns.
Recipe Ideas...
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This challenge that Les Mills has created for us is a way to reset your body.  We can exercise every day and not see the results we want...why?? Because we are not changing our eating habits.  We need to get back to basics and we are here to help you.  In this email you will receive the basics on what to eat, meal plans and recipes.  We are also on facebook and you can email me at (Terri) if you have any questions or concerns.  We will kick this off March 1st, but you are responsible for your outcome.  Make the next 21 days a chance to take back your body. 
Good luck!!! WE can do this!!
Les Mills Grit Series 21 Day Challenge
*21 days of high protein, low-carb
*5 meals per day for Women, 6 meals per day for Men (this is up to the individual)
*No Dairy (milk & cheese products) or Starch Carbs
1.Protein-1Palm Size (size and thickness of the palm of your hand)
3.1-2 Handfuls of Vegetables (non-starch carbs)
Post Work out Shake:
1. Drink within 10 min of working out....use water!
2. Women .3grams of protein per kg (lb/2.20462) of body weight.
3.Women .5grams of protein per kg (lb/2.20462) of body weight.


Body weight in KG and multiply by .033 Litres of water per day
*Weight: 140lbs(140/2.20462)=63.5029KG
*63.5029KG x .033=2.1 Liters per day
*Average water bottle is 16.9 oz
Someone weighing 140 would need about 4.5 bottles of water per day.....Add one glass of water for ever hour of exercise


21 Day Challenge Document

Print pages 1,2,3,12 and 13


What Can I eat??
Click here for approved list!

  Grocery List..... Preparation is the KEY!!
Prepare your week! For me I am always super busy...the key is setting yourself up for success! Take an hour and figure out what you will eat for 21 days.  My family may not follow all of my eating habits but this is a checklist for YOU to follow.
Recipe Ideas....
Below are recipe ideas.....I have included what I would like to do for 21 days.  I will modify and add some veggies in for breakfast and as we find new recipes we will definitely share them with you!
We are so proud that you have chosen to be apart of this with us.  Remember to check us out on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and visit our website!!

Your Fitness One Family!!

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