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Let's Drink To Success!
Perhaps this title grabbed your attention? Business is done through building relationships that we build through personal connections. These connections happen when being involved in our community and in our industry. They are created by being engaged with others. Relationships can be built while drinking the beverage of your choice.

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(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
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(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)
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Draw Your Attention to Drawstrings

When the weather in the United States turns cold, parents' thoughts naturally turn to the weather and many wonder whether or not their kid's sweatshirts and jackets still fit from last year.

In 2014, September was a bad month in the world of recalls for kid's outerwear. First, we saw Benetton recalling United Colors Boy's Jackets,then recalls of the Pure Baby Organics Boy's Hoodie and Active Apparel Boy's Fission Zipper Hooded  followed shortly after on that same day in September.

I don't know about you, but I continue to be surprised that these coats and sweatshirts with banned closures are even brought to market in the first place.

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These Two Important Questions Might Make You Cringe...
Today I'd like to pose two "uncomfortable" questions and share a scary insight which impacts most distributors.

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Enhance Your Expo Experience!

At the 2015 PPAI Expo we facilitated an
 that launched the SuccessFit 4 Life! wellness program and raised money for the Promotional Products Education Foundation. 

People received some great SuccessFit branded products and many had blast at our Fun Run/Walk!

The 2016 SuccessFit 4 Life! Fun Run/Walk will be held Education Day Morning, Monday, January 11th at 7:00 AM. Participation in this event is FREE! Everyone is welcome to come run, walk, or just network with industry colleagues.

Those who choose to support PPEF with a $50.00 donation will receive an awesome goodie bag with SuccessFit branded products from a group of great suppliers.
100% of the proceeds go directly to PPEF.

The SuccessFit Fund Raising Challenge is sponsored
by SnugZ USA with a kick off $500.00 donation.
SnugZ logo  
Before even launching the program, Merrill Cross , President of Ad-A-Day, one of the SuccessFit Supplier Sponsors has matched SnugZ with a personal $500.00 donation!
Distributors and Suppliers are invited to put together teams  to raise 
money buying "goodie bags" and/or participating in the Fun Run/Walk.

Donations of ALL sizes are welcomed! 
Simply  log onto the PPE Donation Page  to contribute.
Select  GENERAL in the drop down menu and note SuccessFit in the comment section.
Donate $50.00 and you'll receive a some great branded SuccessFit products at the Expo

More details on SuccessFit at the Expo will be coming!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an independent, informal event, not endorsed by,
or directly affiliated with Mandalay Bay, PPEF, PPAI or the PPAI Expo.

Those who are active types are invited to post what you like to do for fun away from
the office i n the FPT SuccessFit Facebook Group. You can encourage others
and be encouraged.
Relationships can be built here and that's good for business!
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Cool Drink on a Hot Day - Adding Value

Our Heating and Cooling team has been there for us for almost 10 years, and any hour of the night I call, he comes. He gets the job done! We called, he came. This time, he assessed the problem, and handed me the estimate.

I asked my typical list of 20 questions and asked for images of systems and graphs to show me the data and he answered the questions with pretty much the same answer for each question. 

Click Here for the rest of the blog post... is a PPAI Award Winning communication program.
Through a comprehensive, independent analysis of industry influencers, FreePromoTips came up #13 out of close to 2500 who were evaluated. Information on the study and a listing of the Top 25 can be found here

Our multi-faceted, relationship focused communication style benefits distributors
and suppliers in the promotional marketing industry. You can ee suppliers products in our GP2: Good Products section and end-user safe videos that can easily be shared on the website. 

We invite you to stay connected to FreePromoTips on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or me personally on LinkedIn and my NEW personal Twitter accountFollow my occasional live broadcasts on Periscope: @JeffSolomonMAS

Make it a great day!  

Jeff Solomon, MAS
Publisher -