Let's make it a Golden Year!
With a new year came a new president, a new beginning, a new perspective, and hopefully numerous new business opportunities. Our industry is constantly evolving.  The FILCO team's goal is to make sure you, our broker partners, are up to date on industry changes, plans and carrier information. The more informed you are, the better armed you are to service your current clients and dazzle your perspective clients.  If you're not showing your clients Specialty products, another broker will.  Allow us to help you increase your income in 2017. It's time to go for the GOLD!

"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over." -F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We have highlighted some of the recent changes impacting our Specialty Carriers, including printable rate sheets..  

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Delta Dental 

Exciting news for your NJ groups, Delta Dental New Jersey is now writing down to 2 lives, Previously, Delta required 10 or more lives. Clients will be asking about Delta and now you have the ability to show this option. 

Effective 2/1/17

Healthplex is now utilizing the Carrington Dental Network! Healthplex has not only increased their provider count, but have increased their broker compensation too! In addition to the flat 10% commission, Healthplex is also offering an agent bonus for the 1st quarter 2017!

As of 2017, Principal is now offering EHB Pediatric Dental in NJ! When quoting a NJ Principal group, you will now be able to compete on a level playing field with Horizon Young Grins!
Reliance Standard

In today's market place very few carriers will write Husband/Wife groups; Reliance Standard will!  Reliance Standard will write down to 2 lives for dental, life, short term disability, and long term disability.
Lincoln Financial Group 

Lincoln has become a contender in the dental arena. With their network jumping to the number 2 spot nationally, they are not a carrier you want to overlook. Lincoln's dental products are highly competitive and member count is growing daily. Lincoln requires a census to quote, which allows them flexibility on plan designs. They will also provide renewal rate caps. Ask us to include Lincoln on your next dental opportunity!
The Hartford

In addition to Life, Short Term Disability, and Long Term Disability, Hartford has expanded their portfolio: Disability Flex, Accident Insurance, and Critical Illness are all available as of 2017! 
FILCO Exclusive 
AFORA is a hot new dental network built by dentists! Is your client looking for high end NY dentists? Look no more! This discount plan can be offered to individuals and groups (down to 2) with commission to brokers.
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