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Let's Talk About the Persecuted Church

Christian Churches  Together Forum on the Persecuted Church

Primary goals of the Forum:
  • Pray together for the persecuted churches
  • Discuss Best Practices - what are the greatest needs of these churches?
  • Guidelines when an ecumenical response might be more helpful?
  • Is it possible to better coordinate the US church's responses?
  • Better understand our various theologies on this issue and build bridges of understanding.
  • How to best address and raise awareness of the realities of anti-Christian violence and persecution, and mobilizing Christians in the US to act.
Where F irst Presbyterian Church of Newark,  827 Broad St, NJ 07102

When : Thursday, March 2 (9 AM) to Friday March 3 (4 PM)

Who : National denominational staff and leaders serving in the area of global (world) ministries. Also, national denominational staff working on areas of social justice, ecumenism, and inter-faith.

Coordinating Team: 
Virginia Farris (Catholic), Byron Amundsen (Evangelical), Fr. Aren Jebejian (Orthodox), Carlos L MalavĂ©, (CCT Exec Director) 

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