Let's make Oakland great!
Today I am filing papers to formally enter the race for Mayor of Oakland in the 2014 election. While we will address multiple issues in this race, I will begin this campaign by committing to make this city safe. Public safety is the most essential obligation of government. In the weeks and months to come, my position papers will provide the details for solutions to all of Oakland's issues.


I ask you to join me in this journey to provide real leadership and solutions for Oakland. Volunteer your time to work with our campaign, and for today please start by helping with our fundraising. Campaign finance rules in Oakland limit total spending in the mayoral race to four hundred thousand dollars per candidate. Individuals may contribute up to $700 each. We will need to raise up to the spending limit to be competitive in this race. If you believe as I do that this city needs real change and smart solutions, please give generously-and offer to email this note to other people who feel the same way about Oakland.


Thank you for your support. You have my promise to give one hundred percent of my effort in this election. Together, I am confident we will win!




Joe Tuman

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