Team USA Newsletter : Issue #5 : July 18th
An Open Letter From Coach Carley Young
Most riders are days away from their travel to Rock Hill, SC.  Carley Young is a coach on the USA Team and recently she took a moment to prepare a letter and checklist to the parents and riders.  As the coaches of Team USA we urge you to read it for some information on how you and your rider will succeed on race day.

To:  USA Riders
From: Carley Young

My goal as a coach is to educate you about how to better prepared for your big day racing the World Championship in Rock Hill. I feel the better educated riders and parents are about the race the more helpful we can be as coaches during the event. Hopefully everyone is currently working on getting physically and mentally prepared to race. If you have raced this track before look back on some videos you have of the event and make a plan on how you can be better. Sometimes this race can be overwhelming because it's a little different then what you are used to at a typical national. So I made this list of things to try and prepare you for your big day. 

1. Visualize yourself in the gate and how that's going to feel when you line up for that main event. Think how awesome it's going to feel when you cross that line in the place you worked so hard to be. When training feels too hard remember it will all be worth it when you feel that moment. 

2. Be comfortable in staging by yourself. Parents are not going to be there to wisper what they normally do in your ear before you go up. Don't let kids intimidate you in staging. Stay focused and do what works best for you to perform on the track. 

3. Be confident in your riding. When you have self doubt nothing comes good from that mindset. Remember why you started racing bmx and have fun. Don't let the size of the race intimidate you. 

4. Never pre-place yourself by looking at your moto sheet. Go out and ride your own lap. Don't worry about people and what number they have on their plate. Go out and do your best. Parents don't stress your kids out about their moto. Worlds is anyone's game if you go out and do your best. 

5. Follow the rules. Listen to the webinar and be educated about the different structure of the racing. The rules are clear and if followed we will have less issues. The rider as well as the parent should understand the rules. 

6. Being prepared is important.  Have the food and drinks you are going to need to compete. Have spare tubes if you get a flat or if you need special tools for your bike bring them. We have mechanics on staff if you need assistance. 

7.  Make a "get siked" playlist. Have this available for when you need to get your head in the game! Make sure your phone is charged and you bring headphones. 

8. Parents make sure to film your riders laps in practice so you can review them with them while back at the hotel. Use this time to make a plan so your rider can be independent In the pit with us. Feel free to give your child a phone or I pad and send them their motos to review during the races. Riders should have a few minutes to review before going up for next round.  

9. Motos matter so try every lap! The better you do the better gate selection you get the next round all the way into the main event. We are racing total points so it's best of 3 motos transfers on. Parents explain how the gate selection works especially to the younger riders so their is no confusion. Please explain how inside line is usually best. 

10. Be on time. Being late creates unnecessary stresses that you don't need on race day. Have a plan ,remember it's better to be early then late and remember anything can happen so be prepared. Know where you need to be and when you need to be there. 

11. Check over your equipment. Make sure your riders bike is in good working condition before each racing day. Since parents can't be with their riders during the event it's important to check over their bikes to avoid issues or bike malfunctions that could cost them the race. 

Use these helpful reminders daily to make the best out of your experience at worlds. And parents remember you send your kids to school and they come home just fine everyday. This is going to be no different kids do very well at these races because there are no parents at all in the shoots. Give your kids the confidence they need to succeed and let's have a great world championships. 

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