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May 2017

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Letter from the Chair
John Howe, M&AMI
2017 M&A Source Chairman

Our industry is poised for growth, with a potential for an unprecedented volume of deals not seen since the early 2000s. Private equity buyers have substantial funds that need to be deployed, and are ready to make acquisitions. Many are rolling out recap and management buyout programs to help owners transition. Strategic buyers are also in the market, actively seeking growth through acquisition.
Jim Afinowich, M&AMI, CBI
Founding Principal

Takeaway: In a business sale, the greatest value of attorneys and CPAs may be their ability to respect what their clients are going through.

Lamar Stanley
Vice President

Cash flow means different things to different people.  Or, put a different way, different entities will use different proxies for cash flow depending on what matters most to them.  For an individual who owns a business, cash flow can mean "discretionary earnings" or what the total return of cash and benefits is to the owner.

Which common add backs survive scrutiny
Mark Tepper, CFP

Takeaway:   Planning for a successful exit ensures that you will not be caught unaware when problems come up. We all have to exit our companies someday, but whether we do it well or poorly can be decided by some good planning.
Editor's Desk
Joe Lindsey, CM&AP
M&A Source Chairman (2015 & 2016)

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