A joyous community of Jewish women engaged in prayer, study
and spiritual growth
Our next service will be Saturday, September 2
Starting Off Our 18th Year
We are beginning our 18 th  year. Our “CHAI” year of life and renewal!
Our September service will include our traditional Shabbat morning songs and prayers, led by Rabbi Toba August and Cantorial Soloist Cindy Paley. As an additional bonus, we will enjoy a warm and engaging performance by Jewish Women's Theatre - The Art of Forgiveness.  What better way to begin than with Jewish Women’s Theatre and their presentation on Forgiveness.
This will be a rewarding and fulfilling experience and a meaningful way to prepare for Rosh Hashanah. Invite your family and friends to join us for this very unique and meaningful Shabbat service.

Please note we will start PROMPTLY at 9:30am.

Be sure and stay for our delicious Kiddish luncheon, sponsored by Carolyn Wispe Burns in memory of her dad, Richard Wispe and grandfather, Ben Bern; by Gail Heim in honor of all the generous and wonderful women of Lev Eisha; by Cindy Paley in honor of her birthday; and by Helen Budin who is celebrating her 94th birthday.

Sponsors are needed for the October - June Kiddushim and for our five annual breakfasts. Please contact the catering chairperson, Lynn Beliak, at  catering@leveisha.org . You may pick up envelopes and catering forms on the tables in the social hall or you can find them on the table when you enter the synagogue. We look forward to sharing your simchas at Lev Eisha.
Our Membership Is Off to A Great Start!
What a wonderful way to start off our Chai year. We are so pleased to welcome back the following new and renewing members who have joined us this month:

Tonia Agron
Wendy Aleman
Toba August
Eve Axelrad
Edith Ballonoff
Sarah Barash
Myrna Barth
Debbie Bear
Lynn Beliak
Barbara Brown
Helen Budin
Sandi Cantor
Janis Cohen
Sheryl Colby
Harriet Degelsmith Herst
Carole Easton
Eileen Ettinger
Holly Factor
Lorraine Factor
Nancy Federman
Evelyn Feintech
Vivian Feintech
Sara Fields
Lee Fischer
Helen Fishman
Lydia Friedlich
Judith Golden
Barbara Goldstone
Olivia Goodkin
Deena Gordon
Arlyne Gruesner
Gail Heim
Carol Kaufman
Myrna Kayton
Marion Klein
Judy Kollack
Joy Krauthammer
Lillian Laskin
Vivian Mehlman
Hilda Mills
Margot Morrison
Geraldine Mund
Rachelle Neshkes
Cindy Paley
Beverly Peterson
Arlene Rosenblatt
Kate Rosloff
Rhonda Rubin
Ronnie Rubin
Suzanne Schweitzer
Kim Selfon
Phyllis Shear
Nadine Shulman
Arielle Singer
Craig Singer
Joan Spiegel
Amy Strickland
Debra Vilinsky
Robin Winston
Rose Ziff

If you haven't renewed your membership for our Chai year, you can do so by visiting the website, leveisha.org . Or return the membership application that was mailed to you this summer.
Donors Make It Happen!
Thank you to the following generous donors:

  • Tonia Agron - in memory of my husband, Gene Agron, for his six year yahrzeit
  • Lynn Beliak - Mazel tov to Barbara Goldstone, Judy Fishman, and Susie Yure on their children's marriages this summer
  • Susan Cohen - in honor of Joy Krauthammer's special birthday; in memory of Joy Krauthammer's beloved sister, Arielle. May her memory be a blessing; and in memory of Faye Melton's beloved sister, Arielle. May her memory be a blessing
  • Carol Kaufman 
  • Ruth Morris  - in honor of Robin Winston
  • Amy Strickland 
  • Ellen Zucker - in memory of Joy' Krauthammer's sister, Arielle

And a big thank you to Eileen Ettinger, whose generous donation will cover the cost of the September Online Sermon by Rabbi August. If you'd like to sponsor an audio recording of the Rabbi's monthly sermon and share her teachings, please send a check for $100 to Lev Eisha or visit the website by clicking HERE.
New Year Blessing
As we begin our new Lev year and our new Jewish year, we wonder what this year has in store.

At Lev, we look forward to greeting our members and bringing in new women to share our fabulous services with us. We will keep our creative services and occasionally add another program to enliven and enhance our Shabbat morning together.

For each of us, keeping our regular routines while trying some new activities is a great way to imagine a new year.

Only a healthy, healing, happy and sweet new year to us all.
Shanah Tovah U’metukah.
Rabbi's Column
Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die? Really?!
Why do some of us suffer and others find tranquility?
Why are some people lucky and others have misfortune?
Why are some healthy and others are wracked with disease?
Why do some of us die young and others live to a ripe old age?
Why do some of us live in a country of peace and too many others in places of misery and war? 
Although I don’t have an answer for these questions, there is a stunning fable which explores these inquiries, encouraging us to reflect on them:
“The Tree of Sorrows” (from  Doorways to the Soul: 52 Wisdom Tales,  edited by Elisa Davy Pearmain, 1989)
In a small village in Poland there lived a wise rabbi. His followers loved him and came often to tell him of their woes. After a while the rabbi grew tired of hearing each one claim that their lot in life was so much more difficult to bear than their neighbor’s.  They were constantly asking, “Why doesn’t she have to suffer as I do? Why doesn’t he have back problems like I do, and why don’t they have children still living at home contributing nothing to the family’s income?"

On and on it went until the rabbi came up with a plan. He sent out word that there was to be a new holiday celebrated. “Bring your sorrows and troubles,” he announced. “Bring them in a bag with your name on it and hang the bag from the great tree in the center of the village. All will be allowed to exchange troubles and to go home with those of your neighbor rather than your own.”

The villagers were excited, imagining how much easier their lives would be from that day on. When the day came, they assembled beneath the tree with bags in hand. With bits of rope they tied their bags to the low branches of the tree so that all might inspect them. “Now,” said the rabbi, “if you will all move about inspecting the bags, you may choose someone else’s troubles to take home, thus freeing yourselves from your own.”

The villagers rushed at the tree and began grabbing at and peering into bags, one after the other, around and around, around and around the tree. Finally, quite tired out and feeling both foolish and wiser, they each sought out their own bags and walked home. The rabbi smiled. It was just as he had hoped. The villagers had seen the sorrows of others as they really were, and had decided to stick with their own lots in life because, at least, they were familiar.
On Rosh Hashanah we look at our familiar sorrows. And we also look at our familiar blessings. They are ours, and I don’t think we would trade either the blessings or the sorrows with anyone else. We do however, want to have greater insight into how to cope with and heal from sorrows and how to find more gratitude as we open our eyes and recognize our blessings.

May we all find meaning and inspiration over our High Holidays. May we continue to be blessed with health and healing, friends and family who share in our sorrows and our blessings and enjoy a sweet new Jewish year.
Shanah Tovah!
Rabbi August
Our Co-Presidents' Message
Dear Lev Eisha Friends,

Welcome to our very exciting 18th year - GET CHAI WITH LEV!

Lev Eisha has grown from a small gathering of dedicated women to a substantial Women's Minyan where we wholeheartedly embrace our mission: a joyous community of Jewish women engaged in prayer, study, and spiritual growth. We are proud that Lev Eisha is a fully inclusive community...all are welcome!

As we begin our second year at Beth Shir Shalom, we recall with fondness our beginnings in Newmark Hall at Adat Shalom, our move 
into their main sanctuary, and then our years at Vista del Mar. 

While our venue has changed with time, our commitment to our members, led by our professional and layleaders, remains steadfast. Our board continues to enhance the Lev experience, and our Catering Team nourishes us with beautiful and delicious breakfasts and kiddush lunches. Rabbi Toba August's wisdom and insights speak to each of us and nurture our quest for spirituality while enriching our connection to and our understanding of Judaism. Cindy Paley brings her enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of Jewish music to every service and Lev event. 

Through Rabbi, Cindy, and the talented musicians on our bimah, the unique energy and warmth of a Lev Eisha Shabbat service is unmistakable. The music and sense of spiritual fulfillment carries us forward throughout the week and month until our next service.

We encourage you to bring your friends and introduce them to our warm and welcoming community. We look forward to a wonderfully fulfilling 18th year with you. 

Barbara Brown & Janis Cohen
Lev Eisha Co-Presidents

2017-2018 Board of Directors
Co-Presidents: Janis Cohen & Barbara Brown
Treasurer: Ruth Grossman
Secretary: Wendy Aleman
Membership: Robin Winston
Catering: Lynn Beliak
Ritual: Judy Fishman
Hospitality: Joan Spiegel
Newsletter: Rose Ziff
Outreach: Gail Heim
Women's Retreat: Linda Zweig
Past President: Susie Yuré

Advisory Council
Rachelle Neshkes
Holly Zucker
HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to the following friends who are celebrating September birthdays:

Lyn Ayal, Miriam Brauner, Helen Budin, Dana Fein, Barbara Goldstone, Olivia Goodkin, Margot Morrison, Cindy Paley, Betty Ross, Debra Vilinsky

Do you have a September birthday and we didn't acknowledge it? Please send us your birth month and we will be glad to wish you a Happy Birthday!

If you have a milestone to share please send it to Rose Ziff at  editor@leveisha.org.  

Birthdays, weddings, graduations, Bat or Bar Mitzvot, births, special awards/honors, and exotic vacations are some of the simchas that are fun to share with our community. 

This is also the place to ask our community to join you in prayers of healing for those who are ill or in memory of those who have passed away. 
Map & Directions
Lev Eisha Shabbat Services are held at Beth Shir Shalom
1827 California Ave. Santa Monica, 90403
To Beth Shir Shalom
Take the 405 Fwy North or South to the 10 Fwy Westbound.  
Exit the 10 Fwy at Cloverfield/26th Street 
Turn right onto Cloverfield. 
Turn left at Colorado. 
Turn right onto 20th Street. Continue straight, past Wilshire, one block, to California. 
Turn left onto California Avenue. Go 1-1/2 blocks. Beth Shir Shalom will be on the right.

To parking lot
Follow above directions to get to 20th Street and turn right.
Turn right at Wilshire. 
Parking lot will be on the right behind the V Lounge, across the street from the Veggie Grill. (See map below)
Phone: 310.575.0985 | Email Us