Levels of Consciousness - Part Two 
YPL Posting - Equinox/Libra Edition
There was a reasonable response to last month's posting by readers, asking for their Consciousness "Score."

Interestingly, the only one who took exception to those who wanted to know their score was one of the people having the highest of the scores I measured.

In defense of the others, I likened their curiosity to being no different than wanting to know one's blood pressure. It's merely an indication of where one is and whether it may be necessary to do some work, in this case, to increase or expand one's attention to one's purpose and/or issues and/or people beyond oneself.

Nevertheless, after giving a person his or her level of Consciousness, I asked them to forget it and go out and live their lives.

Indeed, some have done just that and I've already seen an uptick in their levels as they are variable with changes brought on by response to meaningful life transitions or events.

While information regarding my clients is, of course, private, because of the extremely important time in our Country's history, I've turned my attention to seeing what is happening with regard to individuals in the news. I believe that the Consciousness measurement is the simplest, most telling way to understand their true character.

If you disagree, I suggest you read no further. However, if you're just sceptical, you might do well to continue on.

First, let's review what Consciousness Level relates to. It relates to one's level of vibrational frequency, positive energy, aliveness, fairness, ability to see beyond the self, sympathy, empathy and/or acceptance of oneself and others. It is not a measurement of one's intelligence, ability or cunning. 

Numerically, scores above 200 show ascendance into Consciousness, while scores below 200 show a descending level of humanity, the more primitive and ego-driven the lower the score.

Let's start with the Presidential candidates where there has been movement in both directions...the male candidate dropping 10 points and the female candidate rising 20 to, now, being a little better than double his...350 to 165. I guess he does want to equal  his Russian "friend" (who has dropped 5 points). 

Interestingly, there has been a similar movement with regard to the Vice Presidential candidates, since I measured them post conventions...the Indiana governor dropping 10 points to 310 and the Senator from Virginia rising 40 points to 390.   

The worrisome issue I mentioned last month is that the joint levels of the male Presidential candidate's two main advisers still don't equal even his lowered score. And, his new adviser, recently fired from a major TV channel, has a level no better than the former VP with the mechanical heart...the one who took the Country into Iraq, i.e., 80.

So, if Consciousness means anything to you, I hope you can understand how important your election vote will be.  It's not necessarily a choice between good and evil, however, though I hate to say it, perhaps it is something like that.

To paraphrase a famous quote, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing. Please do something.

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