Another Great Liberty Event
Simon Ford & Dushan Zaric's 85co's Brands
Tuesday, April 30th

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As you know, we do tons of events, and here's a really special one.

The 86 Co.

Simon Ford & Dushan Zaric, two of America's great industry leaders are hosting the release of their 86co Brands with an industry education luncheon from 12:30 to 3. And then from 7-9pm, Simon & Dushan will be hosting a cocktail tasting of their products:

Ford's Gin
Aylesbury Duck Vodka
Cana Brava Rum
Tequila Cabeza

We'll have special cocktails featuring their brands, classics & new creations from local bartenders. This is really a rare treat of an event, so if you're in the mood for a memorable experience, come on by the the 86co's Washington opening bash.

New Menu!
New Cocktails, New Sushi options!
Yum, at Liberty.

So, between the new cocktails and the new food items, there are lots of new reasons to stop by.

Our Gift to You
Now you have a friend in the liquor business...

To all the friends of Liberty, we'd like to give you the gift of great booze.

Next time that you stop in, just mention this e-mail and you and your friends will get happy hour prices all night long.

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Liberty on 15th

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