Another Great Liberty Event
Hollis Bulleit is in town...
Tuesday, May 28th

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As you know, we do tons of events, and here's a really special one.

Hollis Bulleit - yes, that 'Bulleit'.

Hollis is the daughter of Tom Bulleit, who is this generation's founder of Bulleit whisky. We say "this generation's" because the brand reportedly goes back to the 1830's, when "Augustus Bulleit, who continued to produce it during the 19th century - but ... discontinued after his death in 1860." Hollis pretty great, as is her family's whiskey. There'll be two events:

  • 12:30pm - for industry only, please. All restaurant & barfolk are surely invited.
  • From 7pm onwards, we'll have a special menu full of great Bulleit cocktails. Open to the public, so please stop by to taste some great cocktails.

Another Great Upcoming Event
Lillet & Solerno Liqueur

Watch upcoming e'mails about the Lillet & Solerno event on Tuesday, June 18th.

New Menu!
New Cocktails, New Sushi options!
Yum, at Liberty.

So, between the new cocktails and the new food items, there are lots of new reasons to stop by.

Our Gift to You
Now you have a friend in the liquor business...

To all the friends of Liberty, we'd like to give you the gift of great booze.

Next time that you stop in, just mention this e-mail and you and your friends will get our 'Pal Discount' all night long.

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Seating at the tastings is limited, so please let us know if you'll be joining us and how many people you're bringing.

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Liberty on 15th
Liberty on 15th

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Free Espresso Drink!!!


As you are probably well aware - we are open during the day now, making some of the best espresso in town. Seriously - we serve Stumptown Espresso, and the posse are masters. Stop on in for your free espresso drink!

(one for customer, please)