LibertyLinked premiered its groundbreaking technology to over 1,600 attendees at this year's RightOnline conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota to help conservative activists connect, equip, and mobilize their groups to maximize impact for a victory in 2012.

Join forces and grow your group
� Increase your group’s membership & multiply their participation
� Streamline group communication – leverage the power of community
� Create subgroups by geography or interest with our tiered groups
� Build teams in every precinct with conservatives across the movement
Make your group more effective
� Equip your group with rich content to debate in the public square & flip votes
� Post on LibertyLinked and automatically update your Facebook and Twitter
� Maximize turnout at your events on the movement-wide calendar
� Find volunteers with the skill sets your events require
Maximize your impact
� Hold your local, state and federal representatives accountable
� Make your calls to action more effective by mico-targeting your message
� Educate neighbors about conservative issues and candidates
� Register shared value voters and elect conservative representatives
Next steps:
1. Sign up and set up your group on LibertyLinked.
2. Invite your members to join the group. Contact us, we have personalized tools to help you.
3. Post blogs, create activities, & watch LibertyLinked connect, equip & mobilize your group.
4. Sign up for a group leader webinar to learn how your group can take full advantage of LibertyLinked technology.

With the future of our country at stake, the conservative movement needs grassroots groups to come together to create a formidable ground game in the fight to preserve and protect our liberties.

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