CPLC Life Matters Newsletter
Volume  22  Issue 2
Summer 2014
The Doors Are Closing on Abortion
By Karen Garnett, CPLC Executive Director

Karen Garnett, CPLC Executive Director

The Northpark abortion center on Meadow Road has closed its doors!  This incredible victory comes after 24 years of prayer and persistence. In January 1990, Bishop Grahmann called the faithful to join him at the inaugural "2nd Saturday Rosary," the first one held outside Fairmount, the oldest abortion center in Texas. At that time, there were 13 abortion centers in Dallas, including Northpark, located in a high rise building at LBJ and Greenville. Like the widow in the Gospel of Luke persisting in her pleas for justice... Continue reading 

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The Doors Are Closing
Reaching Out to Men
Roe Memorial
God's Love in the Snow
Teaching to Save Lives
2014 Bishop's Dinner
Reaching Out to Men
By Eileen Kuhlmann, The Rachel Ministries Director

An abortion not only takes the life of the unborn child, it also violates a man's natural instinct to protect and provide for his children. Men need to
be able to grieve the loss of their aborted child, yet so many times they hold that suffering deep within, never expressed verbally. Often their pain surfaces in many unhealthy ways... 
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Thanks to All Who Took a Stand4Life!

The 2014 Roe Memorial Events on January 18 brought together thousands to "Stand4Life", offering prayers for the 55 million lives lost to abortion and marching in celebration of life. As explained by Bishop Farrell: "The theme of the events, 'Stand4Life', was in recognition of the epic victories for life in 2013 with the passage of the omnibus pro-life law regulating unsafe abortion practices and facilities and prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks in Texas, and the need for all of us to continue to 'Stand4Life' until every human life is protected."... Continue reading 


God's Love in the Snow
By Rebecca Thompson, CPLC Sidewalk Counselor

CPLC Sidewalk Counselor offering loving alternatives to abortion despite snowy conditions


The three of us arrived at the abortion facility without incident. The snow didn't start until after all arrived. And when it arrived, it was beautiful! Flakes gently falling and covering our coats. It was cold, but everyone was in good spirits. (Sometimes it can be downright oppressive on the sidewalk; but those times are ok too, because then we know there is work to be done for our Lord.)... Continue reading 

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Teaching to Save Lives
By Joanne Underwood, CPLC Convert-to-Life Ministry Director


In December 2011, I received a call from Bill Richards in Beaumont requesting a sidewalk counseling training. Eileen Romano, Director of the 40 Days for Life-Beaumont campaign, had kept vigil outside the Whole Woman's Health abortion center faithfully, many times alone. But Bill and Eileen wanted structure and training to help save lives. In February of the next year, I flew to Beaumont, where I was met by Bill and his wife. I visited the Whole Woman's Health abortion center where they concentrated their prayers... Continue reading  

Thanks for Opening Your Hearts to Life!

The Bishop's 21st Annual Catholic Pro-Life Dinner, "Open Your Hearts to Life," was a spectacular evening! Bishop Kevin Farrell welcomed nearly 2,000 attendees to the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, where we recognized the recipients of The 2014 Father Edward Robinson, O.P., Pro-Life Person of the Year Award -- a Knights of Columbus Trifecta: Tom Clark, David Holder and Chris Matera-in memoriam, accepted by his wife Noreen. For the first time, the exciting program featured a live auction..Continue reading and see more pictures

Featured guest Collin Raye leads  finale of "How Great Thou Art"
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