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Abortion Clinic Outreach
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February 2015
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We need your prayers!

Over the last 21 years, we have been blessed to serve daily on the street at Richmond area abortion clinics.  We have seen hundreds of babies saved and shared the Gospel with thousands. Over these same years, I have become ever more convinced of our need for the Body of Christ to keep us in prayer. Hearts are growing harder in the field where we serve and without God's intervention, we just spin our wheels fruitlessly.  Please pray for us and those we encounter.

It has also been ten years since I first when to China to share the Gospel message in unreached areas.  We continue to take teams into northwestern regions of China. Our focus continues to be on Hui Muslims and Tibetan Buddhists. The fields are ripe. The laborers are few. Please pray for our teams and consider joining us on an upcoming trip.

Below are several updates and videos. Please commt this ministry to prayer.  Thank you!
Abortion Clinic Outreach
Four days each week LLM reaches out at the abortion centers in Richmond and Henrico, VA. Through literature, one-on-one sharing, and preaching we seek to save babies and share the truth of the Gospel with those we encounter. Visit our YouTube page to see some videos from the street.

Life and Liberty Ministries YouTube page
Crumbing China
We've had the privilege of distributing tons (literally) of Gospel booklets in unreached areas of China over the last ten years. Teams are being built and sent back regularly through the year.

I have recently arranged to have 3,840 lbs. of Gospel booklets shipped to Hong Kong. From there, we will take them door to door in unreached Buddhist and Muslim regions in western China. We are in need of raising funds to pay the dock fees and delivery charges that we'll incur once the shipment arrives. Any help is appreciated.  


Donations can be made online at ...


 Your support makes this happen!  Please continue to pray for the teams and the people who read the Gospel message, often for the first time.  Our next team will be leaving in March and two more teams are scheduled for May and August.  Please pray, pray pray!

Visit our website to find out more about our China Outreach.


The Family
 Thank you for praying for our family over the years. Our youngest, Benjamin, has had many health challenges since his birth nearly two years ago. He is a growing and busy fellow who is usually the center of attention around here. Overall, he is doing very well but still has a touch of pneumonia. Your prayers for his healing are appreciated. Caleb and Genna gave us a grandson in December. Paton is a fine young man. Christian, our 22 year old, is courting a fine young lady. Our other boys are working hard while the younger ones are continuing with their schooling. The girls are growing as beautiful young ladies. Being a good father is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I know. Please pray that I continue to be conformed into the man I need to be to raise a Godly family. Ruthy is doing well and has her hand in several home-based business ventures.
Let Us Pray For You 
I need the prayers of my brothers and sisters. I also want to pray for my brothers and sisters. If you'd like for our family to pray for you, send me a note and we will lift up your requests during our family prayer time.
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