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May 12, 2017
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Communion Class will start in May
Sunday School
Street Fair is Coming!
Street Fair Tricky Tray Baskets Needed
Street Fair Poster
An Invitation to Celebrate with Fr. Anthony on June 17
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Blood Pressure Screening on June 4
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Upcoming Sunday Readings 
You can look ahead at the readings for this Sunday by connecting to the Lectionary Page.
This Sunday, May 14, is the Fifth Sunday of Easter. We will celebrate Family Church and recognize our Communion class.
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A Message from Our Interim Rector

"Jesus Prays In Us"  

Prayer doesn't begin with us. it begins in God's desires for us and for the world. Praying "in Jesus' Name" means that our prayers are aligned with kind of desire for the Good that Jesus represents. When we pray, we are opening ourselves to the influence of the Spirit of Christ, joining the great flow of desire that flows from God through the world, letting the Spirit into our hearts and minds to shape our desires and bring them closer to God's loving will for us. More and more, our prayer can become the prayer of Christ in us, through us, for us--sometimes with results that may surprise!

Our remaining Easter Season sermons will explore ways the eyes and ears of our faith can be opened wider to see God at work among us. 

Sunday, May 21:
Commandments and Companionship

Sunday, May 28:
Ascension/Rogation Sunday
Split the Wood, and I am There

Communion Class

Welcoming This Year's Communion Class

On Sunday we recognize this year's Communion Class, children who have met on recent Saturdays to deepen their understanding of the meaning of Holy Communion. For most, this is not their "first" Communion, because the Episcopal Church allows any of the baptized, including infants, to receive the Sacrament. But we all, whatever age, need to continue to grow in our understanding of what communing with Christ in this Holy Supper means. Our annual Communion classes provide an opportunity for this as part of our Church School curriculum, and so we congratulate those who are taking this next step in their journey with Christ: Nicholas Brown, Charlie Cutting, Bernard J. D'Avella IV, Anthony DiGiovanni,  Kaitlyn Kaplan, Logan Miller, Richard Musser,  Jaxon O'Connor, and Weston Tarrach.

Our thanks to Serena Watkinson and Stephanie Cutting who were Instructors this year!
Sunday School
Sunday School:
FABULOUS class last Sunday! 1st-3rd grade heard the story of Mary Magdalene going to the tomb on Sunday with her friends. An angel appears and tells them Jesus has Risen! The friends run off to tell, but Mary stays by the tomb crying until someone comes up to her and says, "Why are you crying?" then says her name, "Mary!" She recognizes his voice, it's Jesus! Jesus has Risen! Why did her friends run off to tell based on what the angel said, but not Mary? One child said, "Just because I tell you there used to be a Dr omaeos aurus you might not believe me even though I'm a dinosaur expert." We then asked, what if you went to the museum and saw the BONES of the Drom aeosaurus ! "Exactly!" he said. Some people need a little bit more than others to believe, we decided.

Our second lesson was The Road to Emmaus in which two disciples were walking down the road, sad that Jesus had died, when someone came and walked with them. They invited him to stay with them. When they went to have something to eat the person took bread and broke it and gave thanks to God for it ... It was Jesus! Jesus has Risen! We noticed the different ways Jesus was recognized in each story and asked, "Why didn't they recognize Jesus at first?" One child answered immediately, "Because God changed Jesus." WOW!  I continue to be completely awed by these children and I learn from them every week. How blessed am I?!

This week is Family Church with another SPECTACULAR group of children helping with the service! We will also be recognizing those who took the Communion Class. Please all come to what I'm sure will be a lovely Mother's Day morning!

Reach out if you'd like to talk about Sunday School or to become involved!

With Faith & Love,
Dana Leach
Street Fair is Coming!!
Street Fair - June 9th & 10th!

Thanks A MILLION to those who have already volunteered to help with The Fair! If you have not been added to someone's list yet, please give a holler!  You could EVEN put yourself on TWO lists :)

A reminder of contact information:
*Game Booths  (especially need face painters and brave souls for china smash)
Dana Leach,  973-364-7544 or

*Snack Bar
Danielle & Peter Torok,  973-226-8552 or  

*Chicken Dinner
June & Dave Cowell,  973-226-1733  or 

*Set-up, June 3rd &  Break-down,  June 11th
Ed Kamper,  973-228-3945 or  

Things we could use :)
BOOKSgently used, especially children's books, best sellers, hardcovers, and cookbooks, all of which sell well.  Although we are appreciative of ALL donations, please donate books you think someone would like to buy. We probably can't resell your college World Lit textbook, for instance and sadly many "how to" books have been replaced by Google :)  Books can be left to the right as you come in the back door from the parking lot.  Boxes are easier for us to stack so preferred.
Strawberries & Shortcake -  We need many quarts of strawberries for our YUMMY chicken dinner (washed, sliced, with a little bit of sugar).  Are you a baker?  We need people to bake the shortcake (Bisquick and recipe will be provided)!  Keep an eye out for sign-ups or contact June Cowell by phone at 973-226-1733 or

Sliced Watermelon - new item to the fair! Contact Dana Leach, 973-364-7544 or

And of course, please see the article below to support the Tricky Tray, one of our most popular features!
Street Fair Tricky Tray
Street Fair - June 9th & 10th
Tricky Tray

The Saint Peter's Street Fair is quickly approaching and we are in need of some donations of baskets for our Tricky Tray. This was such a success last year so please consider donating a full basket or grab a friend and create one together. If you would rather give a monetary donation, big or small, we can combine donations to create a fabulous basket for you.

There will be a sign-up board at coffee hour after church. If you are unable to sign up, you can call Stephanie Kent at  973-461-3243 or email Quinn Egan at and let us know what type of basket or donation you want to make. Baskets should be worth $40 or more.   Baskets should be dropped off in the church office by May 26th.  We will wrap the baskets if you are not able to.
Some basket theme ideas...
Spirits, Spa, Gift cards, Sports, Cooking, Children, Teen, Home Goods.

Thank you so much for considering making a donation. 

Peace and Love,
Stephanie and Quinn

Street Fair, Friday, 6/9 & Saturday, 6/10
Father Anthony's Institution on June 17
Between the Sundays

Communicating Good News at Saint Peter's

Our groundskeeper, Toby West, has been busy maintaining the beautiful Garden of Remembrance that frames the back of our property. Over the past weeks, he has also worked to replace a damaged tree in the courtyard. The tree has been removed, and yesterday he planted a new pink dogwood. The new tree is a memorial tree for Joan Waitts, sister of Barbara Marlin, whose memorial was held last week.

The tree will be dedicated on Rogation Sunday, May 28.  Rogation Sunday is the day when the Church has traditionally offered prayer for God's blessings on the fruits of the earth.
Coffee Hour: Mutual Give and Take in Action

Mutuality is at the heart of Christian practice, and the heart-beat of Saint Peter's is mutual support: some prepare the altar for the rest of us, others read so we may hear. Some take flowers to the sick and shut-in, others greet us warmly as we enter for worship. Church School teachers educate children from any family of the parish and OpShop Volunteers touch the lives of people in the larger community. 

Likewise, our after-service coffee hours are a kind of "rotating pot-luck" offering of members to members: each week a different family hosts the coffee hour for all who come. The rules are simple (and posted in the Upper Room): make the coffee (easy), bring some goodies (doesn't have to be fancy!), and tidy up the space when finished. You are invited to "join the mutuality" by signing up for hosting one week this season. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Upper Room. 

Help us help make Saint Peter's
a welcoming space for all! 
Blood Pressure Screening, 6/4

The Health & Healing Ministry is offering a Blood Pressure Screening on Sunday, June 4. Visit our nurse's table for an evaluation during Coffee Hour after the 10am service.
Vacation Bible School

We will hold HERO CENTRAL VBS on August 7-11!

Thanks to those who came to our craft and decorating night last week. Please stay tuned for another night in June.

Registration has opened. If you would like to have your child join us, please fill out the registration form and return it to the church office.
The OpShop

Our regular hours are
Thursday, 1 - 4 pm
Saturday, 10am - 2pm

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The need is great, your donation makes a difference!!

The next time you are shopping, please simply buy a double for one or two of your regular items. That's it! Don't worry about whether it's "this month's" item, it doesn't even need to be edible (a little bit of mascara could be a real treat for someone!). Please just bring an item or two each week when you can, and think of what a difference it will make!

Thank you for your generosity! 

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Pastoral Counseling

Our Pastoral Assistant, Vince Corso, is available to Saint Peter's parishioners for advice and counseling--especially around issues of grief and loss.

If additional counseling is desired, you may engage with him through his private practice.

compassion identity

Piano Lessons


John Pivarnik is currently offering piano lessons for beginners through adults, with or without prior musical training.  


Please contact John at 973-377-9068 or  by e-mail for scheduling and more details.


Voice Lessons


We are a proud Member of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. 

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