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April 21, 2017
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Upcoming Sunday Readings
A Message from Our Interim Rector
Easter Lessons & Carols, April 23
Sunday School
Angel Food Ministry Fundraiser on 4/23
Easter Egg Hunt Thank-You
The OpShop
SPY Car Wash on April 30
Cinco De Mayo Men's Night May 5
Labyrinth Walk, Saturday, 5/6
"Life After Life" Forum, Sunday, 5/7
VBS Craft Night, Monday, 5/8
Communion Class will start in May
Street Fair is Coming!
Street Fair Tricky Tray Baskets Needed
And Also Sunday: Communications Committee
Coffee Hour
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Upcoming Sunday Readings 
You can look ahead at the readings for this Sunday by connecting to the Lectionary Page.
This Sunday, April 23, is the Second Sunday of Easter!
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A Message from Our Interim Rector

Easter Continues!

Easter is not a one-day wonder! Just as Christ's resurrection was revealed over fifty days of appearances, teaching and empowerment, so also our Easter celebration continues for seven Sundays until the next great Festival Day, Pentecost, on  June 4

St. Paul tells us that "the first Adam was given breath, but the second Adam became a life-giving Spirit," and the whole season celebrates Christ's continuing work of resurrection in human lives: people rising from despair to hope, from sickness to restored health, from selfish destructiveness to lives of compassion and service.  Christ-power is available to all who will receive it!  

As part of our Eastertide 2017, I hope you will come to one or more of the upcoming special events mentioned below--the Labyrinth Walk on Saturday, May 6 and a "Life After Life" forum on Sunday, May 7.

Fr. Bob
Easter Lessons & Carols, April 23

On Sunday, April 23, we will have a special service of Lessons & Carols with Communion at our 10am service. Please join us as we raise our voices in song and celebration!
Sunday School
Sunday School:
Sunday School resumes this Sunday!  The SEASON of Easter!  Most of the year in our Godly Play classrooms our focal tables are draped in green. During Advent and Lent they are purple.  For the next 6 weeks they will be draped in white, the color of "pure celebration!"   The Season of Easter lasts 6 weeks. Some of my favorite lessons are still to come and I am so excited to share them with the children. So many important things happen during the Season of Easter!

Reminder PreK-K is taught by the WONDERFUL Michelle Spell, 1st-3rd graders have me :) and the 4th-6th grade class is SO LUCKY to be taught by Sarah Latson & Christina Doyle!

If you have any questions or to become involved please don't hesitate to call or email.

With Faith & Love,
Dana Leach
Angel Food Ministry Fundraiser, April 23

The Angel Food Ministry is holding a fundraiser after the  10am  service on  Sunday, April 23rd.  We will be selling delicious, ready to bake/freeze  Brunch Egg Casseroles  for $10 each.

The money raised will be used to make meals to restock the Angel Food freezer.  

Thank you for supporting this ministry!
Serena Watkinson and Maggie Wohltmann
Easter Egg Hunt Thank-You

Thanks to our SPY Egg Hiders: 

Brian Blake,  Donte Chance,  Ryan Leach,
Sarah Blake, Ava Lopez,  Sophia Garrubo & Abby Boggier
The OpShop

Come by The OpShop

Hundreds of Clothing & Accessories 
added this week!

Spring Dresses & Colorful Scarves
Ladies Spring Tops

Our regular hours are
Thursday, 1 - 4 pm
Saturday, 10am - 2pm

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SPY Car Wash, 4/30
Men's Night, May 5!

Labyrinth Walk, May 6

Labyrinth Walk
Saturday, May 6
10 am - 3pm

The quiet and meditative path of the Labyrinth (not a maze) allows heart and mind of mull over and meditate on a chosen theme (such as things to be grateful for, or my relationship to God, or answers to a particular issue I'm facing). The path of the Labyrinth always leads to the "God-center" at its center, but the winding path mirrors the winding paths of our mind, and of our journey though time.

A portable Labyrinth will be spread in the Upper Room on  Saturday, May 6, 10 am - 3 pm, with quiet music playing in the background. You'll be given a brief set of suggestions for a labyrinth walk, and the Chapel will be open if you wish some time for prayer afterwards. 

"Life After Life" Forum, May 7

"Life After Life" Forum
Sunday, May 7
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

After the  10 am Eucharist on Sunday, May 7, Fr. Morris will give a special presentation on Christian teachings and insights about life after physical death, and the meaning of "eternal life" for Christians. He will also draw on present-day experiences of "near-death experiences," both from the literature, and people he has known personally.

"The human race may know more about what happens at the threshold of death than we realize," says Fr. Morris. Come with your own ideas and questions for this informative session. 

VBS Craft Night, Monday, May 8

We will hold HERO CENTRAL VBS on August 7-11!

Registration has opened and we are already scheduling our first craft and decorating night! 

Please join us on Monday, May 8 at 7:30pm in the Upper Room to get a head start on craft preparation for this "SUPER" event!
Communion Class

Youth Holy Communion Class

All children in second grade or older are welcome to learn about  Holy Communion and be recognized in a special celebration on  Sunday, May 14, at the 10am service.

Communion classes will take place on Saturday, May 6 from 9- 10:30 and Saturday, May 13 from 9-12 in the undercroft.  The children will discuss the Last Supper, learn the basics of Holy  Communion, and bake the bread to be part of the Sunday  celebration on May 14.

Since the Episcopal Church professes full inclusion in the Church  at Baptism, including in the partaking of Holy Communion, this  class is simply a formal way for children to learn more about Holy  Communion and celebrate with our St. Peter's community in a  unique and fun way.

Please RSVP by email to Serena Watkinson if your
child is interested in participating.

Street Fair is Coming!!
Street Fair - June 9th & 10th!  
If you haven't already marked your calendar,
do it NOW!

We are beginning our sign-up to work
"The Fair!" 

Please see Dana Leach (973-364-7544) to help with Game Booths;

June or Dave Cowell (973-226-1733) for Chicken Dinner;

Peter or Danielle Torok   (973-226-8552 ) for Snack Bar;

Ed Kamper (973-228-3945 ) for assistance with Set-Up & Break-Down .

Remember, SO much easier on us if you reach out and let us know you can help rather than having us track you down!  And SO much more fun when you are a part of this amazing event!  Thanks in advance to all!
Street Fair Tricky Tray
Street Fair - June 9th & 10th
Tricky Tray

The Saint Peter's Street Fair is quickly approaching and we are in need of some donations of baskets for our Tricky Tray. This was such a success last year so please consider donating a full basket or grab a friend and create one together. If you would rather give a monetary donation, big or small, we can combine donations to create a fabulous basket for you.

There will be a sign-up board at coffee hour after church. If you are unable to sign up, you can call Stephanie Kent at  973-461-3243 or email Quinn Egan at and let us know what type of basket or donation you want to make. Baskets should be worth $40 or more.  Baskets should be dropped off in the church office by May 26th.   We will wrap the baskets if you are not able to.
Some basket theme ideas...
Spirits, Spa, Gift cards, Sports, Cooking, Children, Teen, Home Goods.

Thank you so much for considering making a donation. 

Peace and Love,
Stephanie and Quinn

... And Also Sunday!

Insights on the weekday work
that keeps Saint Peter's ticking!

Several months ago, Fr. Morris formed a Communication Committee to work on how best to capture and convey the heart and mission of Saint Peter's. Those gathered provided history and knowledge of our church and her efforts, as well as insights into publicity and talent for design. They felt an overarching message of our shared life at Saint Peter's was about putting our faith into action in the many forms of outreach (and inreach) we provide.

The pink sheet you found in your Easter bulletin was a result of their efforts. You are invited and reminded to complete and return the volunteer form, and to participate fully in the experience of Faith Into Action.

You may download a copy of the form here, and are kindly asked to return it by June 1 to the office or offering plate.

Our thanks to the members of the Communications Committee: Pat Aliotta, Kimberly Butler, Christine Corso, Dana Leach, Fr. Bob Morris, and Pat Sheeleigh.  Their work will continue. 
Coffee Hour: Mutual Give and Take in Action

Mutuality is at the heart of Christian practice, and the heart-beat of Saint Peter's is mutual support: some prepare the altar for the rest of us, others read so we may hear. Some take flowers to the sick and shut-in, others greet us warmly as we enter for worship. Church School teachers educate children from any family of the parish and OpShop Volunteers touch the lives of people in the larger community. 

Likewise, our after-service coffee hours are a kind of "rotating pot-luck" offering of members to members: each week a different family hosts the coffee hour for all who come. The rules are simple (and posted in the Upper Room): make the coffee (easy), bring some goodies (doesn't have to be fancy!), and tidy up the space when finished. You are invited to "join the mutuality" by signing up for hosting one week this season. The sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the Upper Room. 

Help us help make Saint Peter's
a welcoming space for all! 
Please Help Our Local Food Pantry

The need is great, your donation makes a difference!!

The next time you are shopping, please simply buy a double for one or two of your regular items. That's it! Don't worry about whether it's "this month's" item, it doesn't even need to be edible (a little bit of mascara could be a real treat for someone!). Please just bring an item or two each week when you can, and think of what a difference it will make!

Thank you for your generosity! 

Pay Your Pledge Online
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Did you know that Saint Peter's has our own YouTube channel? We include the Gospel reading with the sermon for your reference, and try to highlight special music by our Combined Choirs as well as the Cherub Choir. 

subscribe to our channel to be notified when new videos are posted!
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Piano Lessons


John Pivarnik is currently offering piano lessons for beginners through adults, with or without prior musical training.  


Please contact John at 973-377-9068 or  by e-mail for scheduling and more details.


Voice Lessons


Pastoral Counseling

Our Pastoral Assistant, Vince Corso, is available to Saint Peter's parishioners for advice and counseling--especially around issues of grief and loss.

If additional counseling is desired, you may engage with him through his private practice.

compassion identity

We are a proud Member of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark. 

Contact information:
Parish Office: 973-226-6500   Fax:  973-226-5477

If you have information you'd like to see included in our next email newsletter, 
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