"Do what you like. Like what you do."
Life is Good       
This is my mom and dad, Harry and Mary Frazee, in their element. Their passion was buying, restoring, collecting and selling antiques. They absolutely loved it, and everyone in our family has a house full of antiques because of them.

They called their garage "The Store" and loved to have friends and family over to pick through the latest "load."

My dad had a real job too, as the top pharmaceutical rep for the Stuart Company, the makers of Mylanta. His territory was Beverly Hills, CA. The doctors loved him because, when he came over, they got to talk hunting and fishing, old cars and antiques. He got right in, and at the end of the interview they told him to decide what they should buy.

Between doctor calls, my dad would stop at his antique store connections, of which he had many, and buy a piece or two. He always had a station wagon, and he arrived home nearly every day with a new purchase for my mom to marvel over.

My mom had been a fashion model before they were married in 1948. She gradually retired when she started to have children, and my parents began to collect antiques in earnest.

The story is that they stopped at an antique store to take a look at some plates on the way to the hospital, to have me. Don't know if they bought the plates, but I got here safely.

The baby crib I slept in was over one hundred years old when I landed in it, and over forty babies of family and friends have slept in it since then, fifty-nine years ago. How do I know that? Each of their names and dates of birth are written on the bottom. My second newest relative, Sterling, is sleeping in it now, and the newest as of last week, Nolan Garnett, is next in line.

The quotation at the top of this post is on the label of every Life is Good t-shirt, my favorite t-shirt brand. I want to do more of what I love to do, and writing this blog is a significant part of that plan.

So what do you love to do? I urge you to do more of it. Life is good but it's also too short to spend any more time than necessary doing things we don't like doing, instead of doing those things we really love.
- Hank Frazee, Author of  Referral Upgrade   and  Before We Say "Goodnight"
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