"Life is a marathon, not a sprint."
J. Mathews Davis

Happy 2016!
This quotation is full of wisdom. It will always be true, and it comes from one of my best friends, Matt Davis. He said it when we were out for a run last year, in Colorado.
It's true about business, and it's true about life. So as I work on my New Year's resolutions and am tempted to rush through them, I'm taking a longer view and will keep going at my plans and dreams one step at a time-but without the urgency that they have to happen right now.
I stay more present , and it's much more fun and productive than rushing from task to task with such haste that what I am doing and why gets lost.
Matthew Arnold said, "Life is about being and becoming, rather than having and getting." If we do this at a steady pace with our eye on the goal, we can't go wrong. We're going to be here a while, God willing, so let's focus on what really counts for us and for others.
Wishing you and yours a joyful 2016! 
- Hank Frazee, Author of  Referral Upgrade   and  Before We Say "Goodnight"
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