light roast vs. dark roast

Light roast vs. dark roast

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Blessed with just the right amount of tropical acidity, the soil of Tarrazu produces a coffee of tremendously unique quality. On these soils Don Roberto Tarrazu was born, grown at no less than 4200 feet with brilliant acidity, a full body and rich aroma.

Cupping Notes:
Simple, sweet, balanced. Cocoa powder, honey.

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Dark, rich, bold- describes the quintessential French Roast.  This coffee is great via many different prep methods, but in our opinions is one the best press pot coffees ever.
Cupping Notes:
Bold flavor with heavy mouthfeel. Rich with discreet, low key smoky note and hints of chocolate and raisin.

Traditional Cafe Au Lait Recipe:
Brew some strong coffee (60 grams per liter).  Scald some milk lightly in a saucepan.  Mix 50% strong brewed coffee and 50% scalded milk for the quintessential cafe au lait. 
Now only $13.60/lb.
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Happy Thursday! 

You may have noticed that we are offering two ends of the spectrum in regards to this week's specials.  Many people ask "which is better; which has more caffeine; why are some beans lighter while others are darker?  Well, you're about to find out...

"Light or dark roast coffee is an age-old question. Whether you like light or dark roast coffee is a matter of personal preference and personal taste. But knowing a little more about the individual roasts can help you decide if light or dark roast coffee is for you. One of the first things to understand about light or dark roast coffee is that they come from the same basic beans. Arabica beans are the most desired beans and Robusta are lower grade beans, often found in supermarket light or dark roast coffee. Many coffee drinkers, even lifelong coffee drinkers, believe that dark roasts make a superior cup of coffee. But this simply isn't true. It's just good marketing.

The choice between light or dark roast coffee is simply a matter of your own likes and dislikes. It's a lot like beer. Some people like a light lager while others swear by the malty darkness of Guinness.

What's the difference between a light roast and a dark roast? Temperature and time. That's it. When a roaster is making a batch of coffee, light or dark roast coffee is determined by the roasting temperature and often the length of roasting. 
The quality of the bean and the talent of the roaster will greatly influence any beans, whether they are light or dark roast coffee."  -from  

We, at Muddy Dog, determine how light or dark to roast a particular bean by experimentation.  We roast different coffees at many different roast levels until we discover the best flavor profile for those beans.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Again, it's a matter of preference.  So, go ahead and experiment for yourself.  You just may find a new coffee that you thought you'd never enjoy! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Debbie and Jim


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