Limited Edition NLBMDA 100th Anniversary
Lapel Pins Available 
Receive a Gift by Supporting NLBMDA's Political Activities
This year, the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) celebrates its 100th Anniversary as our association continues to grow and our industry continues to prosper. NLBMDA's anniversary coincides with the return of pro-business governance to our nation's capital and in many states across the country. Electoral victories in 2016, and continued success in 2017, as well as movement to repeal burdensome regulations, has improved the legislative and regulatory outlook for the lumber and building material industry.

In order to continue this positive momentum, NLBMDA is officially launching a new effort to support Lumber Dealers Political Action Committee (LuDPAC). Now when you make a contribution of $50 or more to the LuDPAC, NLBMDA will send you a limited edition 100th Anniversary Commemorative Pin. (while supply lasts)

With these pins, you can proudly display your continued commitment to the LBM industry and NLBMDA. Moreover, these pins serve as a clear statement recognizing the leadership and endurance of NLBMDA.

Donations will go directly to LuDPAC and used in advocating for the regulatory and legislative interests of dealers nationwide. NLBMDA thanks our membership for their continued service to the LBM industry and urges all members to contribute to LuDPAC. Members also have the option of making automatic monthly contributions. Monthly plans are very affordable. For the price of one Starbucks coffee a month, you can support the LuDPAC. Simply donating a few dollars each month will make an enormous difference in LuDPAC's ability to fight for your interests in Washington. So signup today to the automatic monthly draft!

LuDPAC is vital to NLBMDA's efforts on Capitol Hill and at the state level. NLBMDA asks our members to consider donating to the LuDPAC so that we can continue to fight for sensible regulations and pro-business legislation.

Please note that you must submit a Prior Approval form in order for your contribution to go towards the LuDPAC, if you do not it will go towards NLBMDA's Legislative Action Fund. Please, also note that personal (not corporate) credit cards are required for contributions to be applied to the LuDPAC.

If you have not submitted a prior approval form for this year, click here.