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Limited Space Available For June, August and October 2011  Classes

Please contact us with any questions at the email address or phone number listed below.


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 HRA has over 28 years experience building stock cars for Nascar. Only Jay Hedgecock has built cars for and raced against some of the most legendary drivers and owners in the motorsports industry.  No other fabrication school has the credentials, experience, resources and connections as Hedgecock Racing Academy.  


 Build a car from the ground up and track test it as a class.

Tuition Price: $8950.00. 


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Forward any questions to Jay Hedgecock @ jay@hedgecockracing.com or call Keith Ridge or Jay Hedgecock at 336 887-4221.



Mention HRA11 and received $500.0 discount toward your next enrollment into Hedgecock Racing Academy. 


Offer Expires: 14 days prior to start of new class.