January 2017
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Last month we talked about an overall marketing check-up; in Jan-Feb-March you'll see checklists for your social platforms. Let's start with Linkedin:

Linkedin is all business. Keep your personal travel, photos of your lunch and political opinions on Facebook. Linkedin is not the place for the hard sell, but it is a great venue to tell others what you do. It's also the best communicator of your personal brand.

The time to develop and complete your Linkedin profile is before you need it! Linkedin is all about contacts and connecting people, so link intentionally so that you're comfortable with your contacts seeing each other. Then, when you or one of your contacts is looking for a new position, for a supplier or other referral, they can search through your contacts and ask for an introduction.

Linkedin Personal Profile Checklist

Linkedin is now a powerful search engine and an excellent place to share content; make sure that you have all the elements in place to be found!

  • Do you have a professional and engaging photo? (profiles with photos are viewed 11 times more often than those without....)
  • Does your headline say what you do (not just your title)?
  • Have you customized your url so that others can find you more easily?
  • Is your website listed in the Contact section?
  • Are your other social links connected?
  • Does your Summary contain searchable key words?
  • Have you added video or slideshare presentations to your profile?
  • Have you published any articles? (Linkedin is a great place to share blog posts and other articles that establish you as the expert in your field)
  • Have you listed your Skills & Expertise for endorsements? (If you don't choose them, Linkedin will populate that area from key words in your other profile sections)
  • Have you joined appropriate Linkedin Groups? (Not just peer groups but groups of potential clients or partners)
There are plenty of additional ways to improve your profile so that you're more visible on Linkedin. Let's talk about setting up a training session for you or your organization soon!