Weekly Newsletter for Zion Lutheran School in Corvallis, OR 
Lion's Paw
April 1st, 2017
  “Educational Excellence in a Christ-Centered Family”

** Tuesday, April 4th 11:30am to 9pm ***
Dine-Out for Zion at Old Spaghetti Factory

** Thursday, April 6th @ 6:30pm **
Zionpalooza & Open House

** Monday, April 10th @ 8:30am **
Zion PTL Meeting

** Friday, April 14th **
Early Release at 11:30am
(End of 3rd Quarter)

** Saturday, April 15th at 10am **
Community Easter Egg Hunt

** Sunday, April 16th **
Easter Sunrise Service @ 7:30am
Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt @ 8:30am
Easter Celebration Service @ 9:30am

** Monday, April 17th **
School is in!  This is a school snow day make-up for 3/6/17

** Tuesday, April 18th **
Dine-Out for Zion at Yogurt Extreme

** Thursday, April 20th (afternoon & evening) **
Parent Teacher Conferences

** Friday, April 21st  **
NO SCHOOL / Parent Teacher Conferences


Welcome Back From Your Spring Break!
Zion News:

* April 4th (Tuesday) is Dine-Out for Zion at the Old Spaghetti Factory!!!

* April 6th at 6:30pm is Zionpalooza!

* The 8th grade class would like to collect your cans & bottles! They are working to raise money for their 8th grade trip in June and are collecting cans and bottles that can be returned for deposit.  Please let Mr. Reed know if you have cans or bottles that you are willing to donate.  We will contact you to arrange pick-up.  The 8th graders return cans and bottles at the end of each month and look at gathering them and returning them for the deposit. Thank you for your support of our 8th grade class.  Every little bit helps.  

* April 17th will now be a snow make-up day!  Our Easter Monday NO SCHOOL DAY has been  cancelled. Due to our last snow day, Monday, April 17th will be a regular school day starting at 8:15am

Dine Out for Zion at  The Old Spaghetti Factory

Tuesday, April 4th
11:30am to 9:00pm
603 NW 2nd Street, Corvallis
Please join us on Tuesday for a wonderful meal, either lunch or dinner. Enjoy a day away from the kitchen while we earn money for our school. The Old Spaghetti Factory will generously donate 15% of the proceeds from all meals purchased using our Dine-Out for Zion Flyer. So, lets get together, have some fun and eat out!
Thursday, April 6th
at 6:30pm
Please join us this Thursday for a new spin on our annual open house! Zionpalooza is for everyone! We hope to see our Zion family, students, friends and neighbors. Please invite anyone you know who might have an interest in our school?  Remember, families who are new to Zion will receive a 50% tuition discount for their entire first year at Zion.

Zionpalooza is a night for adults and children! Collect your Zionpalooza Passport and visit every classroom! There will be games, prizes, artwork, entertainment, refreshments and interactive demonstrations. You will have an opportunity to visit your child's classroom and see displays of your child's work. Visit your child's new classroom for next year and meet our Zion teachers. We look forward to seeing you as we celebrate our school and our students!  
Book Drive
in Loving Memory of
Terria McNamar
Parents and Zion Family


For the next month, we are holding a library book drive through Amazon. Our goal is to replace worn copies and to add fresh new titles to our aging collection of books in our school library. We are doing this as part of a library dedication in memory of 3rd grade teacher, Terria McNamar, who passed away last January. The dedication will take place during chapel on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

We hope ALL families will join us in continuing her rich teaching legacy and love of learning by selecting a book (or books!) to donate. Won't you please consider participating in this worthy effort? Click here to get started:

Thank you,
Zion Lutheran PTL
 A Bake Sale Every Friday!
The 8th Grade class is still baking up a storm!  They will continue to offer treats costing from $0.50 to $0.75 every Friday!  They do their best to offer something for everyone! Please let them know if you have a favorite.

Thank you for supporting their efforts!
The Principal's Office:
 A Note From Mr. Schultz

     Spring Break is this coming week.  I pray that this will be a time for your family to have some time together and perhaps even find some sunny, dry weather.  I know that’s my plan.  This is a chance to refocus and regroup before we finish out the school year.   Don’t forget to spread the word about Zionpalooza!  This is our concert, project, activity, open house…all in one.  Bring a friend who might benefit from sending their children to our school!
***    I need to share with all of you that I have received a Call to consider serving as principal at Trinity Lutheran School in Centralia, IL.  I am not actively seeking a new position but I have always remained open to the Call process and to God’s direction in life. I have stated that it would be a challenge to consider a change of great distance due to personal reasons, but they were led to offer their position to me.  There is a shortage of principals in our school system so ministries are really searching for qualified candidates.  Over the next few weeks, I will need to come to a Spirit-led decision about if the Lord needs me to continue serving at Zion or if He has plans for me with this new challenge.  I would simply ask that you keep my family and I in your prayers as we consider God’s direction in life.
-     Can you help distribute fliers for ZionPalooza and for enrollment?  Pick them up from the office.
-     You should have received a re-enrollment email from TADS .  Please let us know your intentions concerning Zion as your choice of school for your child(ren) so that we can adequately plan for next year.  Can you invite any friends to join your family at Zion?  We have a special offer for new families.  They will only pay half the tuition rate for the 2017-2018 school year.  This applies to the K-8 classrooms.  We feel strongly that if we can get additional new families to invest with us, they will see the difference and make a long term commitment to our Zion Family, just like you have.  Help us spread the word!
-     I sent out survey reminders this past week.  The is for all families and it is asking for feedback from everyone on how we are doing as a school.  You should have received one for each student that you have at Zion.  There is a slightly different survey that went out for the ELC and school age programs.  This really helps us as we continually look for ways we can improve.

-   Don’t forget to check out your calendars for upcoming events.  Our calendar can also be found on our website under events.

            Thank you for being part of the Zion Lutheran School family.  We understand the sacrifice that is made by families in order to have children attend and appreciate all of the support that we receive.  Consider it an investment and not just a cost.  If you have questions or concerns, please speak to your child’s teacher and if I can be helpful in any way, let me know.  Continue to keep our school in your prayers as we look forward to the 2017-2018 school year.

“Educational Excellence in a Christ-Centered Family”

Our Chapel Project for February & March Has been Extended By 1 Week!

This is our last week!  Lets try to meet our goal!

This is our final week to reach our current goal of one closet for these children.
 Please take a moment to look at our progress on the bulletin board in the school main hallway.
Our current goal is to provide a space for the children to store their clothing!  They need 3 closets built at the cost of $350 each.

We have raised approximately $100 towards a closet for these children! We are well on our way to meet our goal to provide something very tangible to these children to
improve their every day life!
World NCompass, based in Beaverton Oregon, was created by a dynamic group of young, local, Christian's with a desire to take action every day to make a positive impact on the world.  

This innovative non-profit has adopted and serves as the primary support for the  Maranatha House Orphange which is located  the small village of Titanyen, Haiti.  All chapel donations now thru March will go directly to the support and improvement of this orphanage.  >>Click here for more info on the Maranatha House Orphanage.

Ncompass began caring for Maranatha House in 2007 and took full responsibility in 2011. 

NCompass was built and is run by a young group of OSU graduates that wish to "pay it forward" by passing on their desire to change the world to today's youth. They do this by acting as a living example with their work at Maranatha House. They are also taking an innovative approach to reaching out to children through their mentoring program called Kidstarter. Kidstarter empowers youth with the resources and platform they need to positively impact communities both locally and globally. Their coaches work directly with children to bring their projects to life.  They also team children in the US with children in Haiti to work together to complete meaningful projects in Haiti.

Their mission:
To serve, develop, and empower today's youth to become the generation of influencers God created them to be.

Their Vision:
NCompass is striving to become a leader in impacting and building up today's youth for the Kingdom of God.  They are committed to taking a bold, innovative and strategic business approach to inspire global action.

Their core values:
Dreaming big! Being faithful over the small things and having an unwavering belief in people.
Please check out the NCompass website to learn more about their organization, the Maranatha House Orphanage and Kidstarter.
Please Join Us at Zion Lutheran Church For Our Celebration of Easter Week

Community Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, April 15th @ 10:00am 

Sunrise Service, Easter Sunday, April 16th @ 7:30am

Easter Breakfast/Egg hunt, Sunday, April 16th @ 8:30am

Easter Celebration Service, Sunday, April 16th @ 9:30am 

We Have Scrip on Hand in the School Office!
Remember we have a very large supply of Scrip gift cards available in the office. Please drop by any time to look over our selection.  If you are still wondering about Scrip, please stop in and ask!  This is such a great way to support our school without spending additional money! Our school will receive 3% to 10% of the dollar amount of the gift cards purchased. What a great way to increase the power of your grocery, dining out or gasoline dollars!

Here are some examples of the gift cards we have on hand in the school office:
American Dream Pizza
Burger King
Best Buy
The Book Bin
Buffalo Wild Wings
Dairy Queen
Dutch Bros
Francesco's Gelato
Fred Meyer
Great Harvest Brea
Home Depot
Izzy's Pizza
La Rockita
Little Caesars
Noah's Bagels
Olive Garden
Outback Steak House
Papa Murphy's
Papa's Pizza
Regal Cinema
Red Robin
Shell Station
Taco Bell
The Retreat Spa
Woodstock's Pizza
Yogurt Extreme
Making Money For Zion With The Money You Are Already Spending!
The Zion PTL has found some creative ways to raise money for our school without costing our families any additional money!
  One great way to allocate a portion of dollars you may already be spending to our school is through Amazon Smile!  If you will be doing any shopping on Amazon.com this year, simply enroll with Amazon Smile.  Even if you are using your Amazon Prime Account, you can still connect your purchases to Zion through Amazon Smile and our school will receive 0.5% of all purchases!  Click on the button below for more information and to enroll/link your Amazon or Amazon Prime account to Zion through Amazon Smile.
Many of you have already linked your Fred Meyer Rewards account to Zion Lutheran School.  By linking your account to Zion, a percentage of your purchases are donated directly to our school.

Please remember, even if your account has been linked to our school, you must update this link in June of each year.  If you have not updated this link with Fred Meyer Rewards, your purchases are no longer being allocated to Zion. You can click on the button below or contact Wendy in the school office for assistance with Fred Meyer Rewards.
Another great way to increase the power of the dollars that you are already spending is to purchase Scrip gift cards from the Zion school office.  5% to 10% of the dollars that you will already be spending on groceries, gasoline, gifts, or eating out can go directly to Zion. You can purchase gift cards for Fred Meyer, Walmart and Safeway and use them to purchase your groceries for Thanksgiving or any time of year.  We have both Shell and Chevron gift cards as well. Scrip gift cards for Starbucks, Dutch Bros and many other local and national stores and restaurants are available in the school office.  If we don't have it on hand, we can probably order it.  Click on the button below for an explanation of scrip and a list of available retailers. 
Classroom News
For the Week of April 1 , 2017
Mrs. Smith's
Kinder Connection
Zion Lutheran School - Kinder Connection

· Hope your Spring Break is wonderful! · Thursday- Skippy Jon Jones Play at the Whiteside Theater- $3 · Thursday-Zionpalooza o Spring concert, art fair, science fair, and open house. o The kids are singing in the sanctuary and then there will be...

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Mrs. Schaefer
1st & 2nd Grade
1st and 2nd Grade | Zion Lutheran School

Dear First & Second Grade Families, I hope that everyone had a wonderful spring break! My family stayed in the area but it's always nice to have a little R&R. To start off our week, family tree projects are due on Monday, April 3rd .

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Mr. Walz
3rd & 4th Grade

Week of March 24th, 2017
Newsletter #28

Mr. Walz’s Newsletter #28                                                                                    3-24-17

  1.  Memory work due on Wed. Apr. 5th – None

Memory work due on Wed. Apr. 12th –

As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.  Psalm 103:12  (Lesson 61)

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

        2.Prayers –  Please keep the family of Jenny Schmidt in your prayers next week.  She worked in the ELC as a teacher for the little ones.  Her funeral is this Saturday afternoon at Zion.

Please keep Ms. Reid and her family in your prayers during the week of Apr. 2nd.

        3.Collections –

Victoria should bring in her collection on Monday, Apr. 3rd.

Patrick should bring in his collection on Wednesday, Apr. 5th.

        4. The Creative Writing assignment that is due on Friday, Apr. 7th –

Choice #1 – You are put in charge of the Easter Breakfast at your church.

Choice #2 – The Easter Bunny is replaced by another animal, the Easter ______.”

        5. We WILL have school on the Monday after Easter, to make up for the snow day from earlier this week.

        6. We are even closer to reaching our goal for our NCompass project.  Make sure to look in the hall by the office to see how much more is needed.

        7. RENDEZVOUS – We are having a Rendezvous in the afternoon on Friday, Mar. 24, to celebrate the goal of 20 stickers in the room.  Students are able to bring in 3 or 4 items (approved by parents), that they no longer play with or use, to trade with other students.  I will provide a food treat for the class.  Students are able to bring in a beverage.

        9. Birthdays – If your child has a birthday during the summer and would like to celebrate it before the end of the year, make sure to talk to me and we can pick a day.

      10. Permission Slips – I am still missing permission slips and/or money ($3) from half the class for our field trip to see SkippyJon Jones.  Also, we have Mrs. McCracken driving two students for us.  Might you be able to join us for the trip?

      11. No Paper – Three students ran out of lined paper this week.  Please ask your child if she/he is in need of paper, pencils, or any other supply needed for the remainder of the 3rd and 4th Quarters.  Thank you.


Mr. Schultz – Math 4 –Corrections on assignments below 70% really need to be turned in to help improve grades. We are finishing working through long division, looking at it in several ways. We will have a TEST on Chapter 8 on Friday, April 7th. Students really need to know their times tables and focus on neatness so that silly mistakes are minimized. Times table tests continue…ask your daughter about her progress. This is our last week for times table tests. I will not be assigning anything over Spring Break but it might be a good time to continue with times tables practice.

Middle School
Ms. Rachelle Reid
5th & 6th Grade

Middle School and 5th/6th Grade Home Room

What we worked on this last week; 5th and 6th English- Unit 4 Compare and contrast essays and presentations 7th and 8th English-​ Unit 4 Compare and Contrast Essays 5th Math-Finished chapter 10 3rd and 4th Science- Bug reports and presentations...

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Mr. Adam Reed
7th & 8th Grade

Middle School and 7th/8th Grade Home Room

To 7th/8th Grade Parents and Guardians, Thank you very much for the thoughtful birthday gifts and notes that you shared with me last week, they were very much appreciated and touched my heart, you are very kind and thoughtful towards me....

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Mrs. Peterson
Middle School Math

Math Home Note: April 1, 2017

Coming Up:

6th math Blue:  Monday will be a chapter check. Quiz 5-2 will be on Tuesday. We will review for the test. Chapter 5 Cumulative Test will be on Friday. It will cover order of operations, expressions and equations. Chapter 5 Test will be on Monday, April 10.

6th math Red:  Monday will be a chapter check. Quiz 7-1 will be on Tuesday. We will learn about percents, find equivalent percents, fractions & decimals, and find percent of a number. 

7th math Blue:   Monday we will graph equations. Quiz 5-2 will be on Wednesday. Chapter 5 Cumulative Test will be on Friday. It will cover order of operations, expressions and equations. Chapter 5 Test will be on Monday, April 10.

7th math Green:  We will use percents to solve problems involving tax, tip, discount, sale price, simple & compound interest, and circle graphs. There will be a quiz over the percent mini-unit on Monday, April 10.

8th Algebra:  Chapter 6 Test will be on Wednesday. We will learn about GCF and factoring.

8th math Green:  We will use percents to solve problems involving tax, tip, discount, sale price, simple & compound interest, and circle graphs. There will be a quiz over the percent mini-unit on Monday, April 10.

"Living the Fruits of the Spirit" Galatians 5:22-23


Chapel Project Feb.-March: NCompass Haitian Orphanage

Fruit of the Spirit for March: Faithfulness

                                                                                                                                      March 22 Spring Pictures                                                                                         March 24 Zion Pride Day                                                                                             March 27-31 No School – Spring Break                                                                      April 4 Dine Out @ Spaghetti Factory 12-11 PM (flier required)                                 April 6 Zionpalooza/Open House @ 6:30 PM                                                             April 13 Maundy Thursday church at Zion @ 6:30 PM                                               April 14 Early Dismissal @ 11:30
Good Friday church at Zion @ 6:30 PM                                                                    
April 15 Community Easter Egg Hunt at Zion 10 AM                                                  April 16 Easter Sunday church at Zion Sunrise service @ 7:30                                   Easter Breakfast & egg hunt @ 8:30                                                                       Easter Worship @ 9:30                                                                                               April 17 School is in session!                                                                                       April 20 Parent/Teacher Conferences in the evening                                                  April 21 No School Parent/Teacher Conferences in the morning/afternoon


Online Resources: Access the online math text at www.zioncorvallis.com 

Mrs. Rybarczyk
Middle School Science

Home Note for the week of
 April 1st, 2017

Science Grades 5/6:  The tsunami project will be introduced on Monday along with a frog growth lab setup. Permission slips for the tsunami project will go home on Monday and be due on Thursday, April 6. Feel free to join us as we walk to the wave center at OSU on April 10 at 12:30.We are studying plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanoes. There are no quizzes this week.                

Due dates for 5/6:                        4/6 – signed permission slip

Science Grade 7:  The tsunami project will be introduced on Monday along with a frog growth lab setup. Permission slips for the tsunami project will go home on Monday and be due on Thursday, April 6. Feel free to join us as we walk to the wave center at OSU on April 10 at 12:30. The class will need to do a chapter review on plate tectonics as homework and turn it in the day of the quiz. This chapter was completed before the break.            

Due dates for 7th Grade:            4/5 – chapter review pages 212-213, vocabulary 4-2, and quiz 4-2 4/6 – permission slip signed          


Science Grade 8:  We will finish up a study of change and move into classification. The new vocabulary and chapter review will be due on April 4, with a quiz following on April 5. This class will use their frog growth data along with the rest of the data from the K-7 classrooms to write a formal lab report which will be due on April 7.                     

Due dates for Grade 8:               4/4 – vocabulary 1-2 and chapter   review pages 24-25                       4/5 – quiz 1-2                                4/7 – formal lab report on frog growth labs


Mr. Schultz
Newsletter for the week of April 1st, 2017

Religion 5&6 – We will be reviewing for a Unit Test on Monday.  The Unit 6 Test will be on Tuesday, April 4th.  Following our test, we will get into Baptism and the Lords Supper in more depth.

Memory 5&6 – Memory the next week of school is Romans 6:3-4.   This is DUE on Friday, April 7th.  Memory work sheets for April were handed out before Spring Break.

Math 4 –Corrections on assignments below 70% really need to be turned in to help improve grades. We are finishing working through long division, looking at it in several ways.  We will have a TEST on Chapter 8 on Friday, April 7thStudents really need to know their times tables and focus on neatness so that silly mistakes are minimized.  Times table tests continue…ask your daughter about her progress.  This is our last week for times table tests.  I will not be assigning anything over Spring Break but it might be a good time to continue with times tables practice.

Zion Lutheran School
2800 NW Tyler Avenue
Corvallis, OR   97330
phone (541)753-7503
fax (541) 754-8254
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