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SAVE THE DATE - FDRS Conference Dates: Oct 23-25 in St. Louis, MO
Living with Lipedema & Dealing with Dercum's. We are investigating the logistics for these dates. Stay tuned!

NLN Patient Summit: Sept 8-9
2-day Patient Summit at the 2015 World Congress on Lymphology in San Francisco, CA. Patient Summit.

Donations Made
FDRS made 3 recent donations to UA for Dr Karen Herbst's research of fat disorders! The first one was to enable a patient database, the second for Dercum's Disease, and the third for lipedema research.

2015 promises to be an exciting year for research!

FDRS and LE&RN are offering 3 fellowships later this year on lipedema and Dercum's Disease. Although we think of them as adipose tissue disorders, the lymphatic system and adipose tissue are highly entwined.  LE&RN's site

We have our irons in the fire for two additional research projects.
We will see you soon!

Laura, Nancy, Yvonne & Felicitie