A Word From Our President
February has flown past - literally in some sense. I've been lucky enough to visit clients and partners on the West coast of the US, New York, the Netherlands, France and the UK. In the next couple of days, I will also be in Ireland. Aside from keeping in touch with people, one of the greatest things for me is listening to our clients describe what they are trying to achieve and how Litéra could help "if only you could do this..."
Often we already do "it", but when we don't, the ensuing conversation can be the seed that grows into a new feature or a new solution. The range of subjects is surprisingly diverse. The hot topics of Machine Learning and AI come up all the time, but so do cloud, mobile, efficiency topics and an interest in complete solutions. One thing has come through strongly; the best organizations have a clear view of how documents flow through their organization, and how they can reshape the whole document lifecycle to make sure every document is better.

No longer are people looking for the cheapest solution. There is a broad understanding that the way a document is created, reviewed, shared and collaborated on, and the way it is finalized and distributed all have to be considered together to maximize productivity and quality. All of this needs to be built upon a secure framework that allows people to work anywhere.
In this issue of the newsletter, we are highlighting a couple of solutions that make the send event more efficient, secure and allow better control over the message. A secure file transfer solution is essential in some circumstances. We feel it needs to be so simple to use that even the most powerful features make it easy to do the right thing.

Litéra Smart Send™ stops email "oops" moments, but it also improves the way you present information to your recipients. You can reorder, rename, convert to PDF, clean and bind attachments so that your email can simply describe your message, and the purpose of the attachments is clear.
Email Solutions:  Litéra Smart Send™
November 14th 2016 is a day that will live in infamy for 1.2 million employees of a large UK healthcare provider. Why? Because on that day a test email mistakenly went out to the entire organization, and more than a few irritated recipients responded to the email using 'Reply All'. Utter chaos ensued.

Case Study: Stetz, Belgiovine, Manwarren, and Wallis, P.C.
For Alex Belgiovine, a partner of the high-profile accounting firm Stetz, Belgiovine, Manwarren, and Wallis, P.C., the challenge to find a replacement for the firm's email security service came as a sudden surprise. Late October 2015, Intel announced the End-of-Life (EOL) of its McAfee Email Security Solutions, and Belgiovine had to face the unforeseen responsibility of finding a suitable replacement for the firm's secure file transfer system.

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Litéra  Highlight: Ramneek Kumar 
Employee Name: Ramneek Kumar
Job Title: Associate Director - Sales Engineering
Litéra Location: New Delhi, India

Job Description
"I introduce our solutions to prospective clients in multiple industries throughout India and South East Asia. I then help to implement these solutions to ease the business productivity and  document life-cycle management challenges they face."
Brief Bio:
As an accomplished executive, Ramneek has demonstrated remarkable leadership insights in his abilities to strategize, direct and control company operations. Ramneek has a history of capitalizing on emerging business opportunities and creating a decisive competitive edge for the teams he has led. 

With proven consulting capabilities in Sales & Marketing, Ramneek has helped structure and lead  cross-border financial deals and significant joint venture collaborations across the globe. He has also been instrumental in completing various Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy Support, MRO,  and Green Field Manufacturing Plant Expansion projects within budget and on schedule. W ith a proven track record of increasing sales, Ramneek has advised various companies across multiple industries on how to improve their Retail, Distribution and Supply chain networks.
He has advised several e-commerce startups, and has consulted and trained senior officials of the Public Works Authority 'ASHGHAL' in Qatar. Ramneek also holds a post-graduate degree and additional qualifications in International Law - Brussels, and System Analysis & Design from ACP London. He is a certified Novell Instructor with an expertise in Support for Sales and CCPM based on TOC. Using his expertise, Ramneek has trained thousands of professionals across globe to develop breakthrough leadership, achieve corporate strategies, build coalitions to support business growth, and drive change to improve organizational performance. Ramneek's extensive experience working with C-Level decision makers of large companies throughout the globe makes him a valuable asset to the worldwide Litéra team.
Tech Tip:
"Challenges are a fact of life for any organization. The goal of leadership is to meet challenges head-on with the solutions that will move the entire team on track toward a 'Process of On-Going Improvement'. Litéra offers the innovative solutions your organization needs to substantially improve your processes, productivity, and most importantly,  the bottom line."
Upcoming Events: Kraft Kennedy Roundtable
Please join Litéra's Joy Heath Rush as she co-hosts along with your IT peers and thought leaders for a roundtable luncheon in Chicago, IL, focusing on Defense, Offense, Teamwork, and Game-Changers as well as any other challenges you'd like to bring to the table.

Litéra Press

MCLEANSVILLE, North Carolina - February 27, 2017 - Litéra Corp, a global leader in advanced content management solutions has announced a major software update for Litéra Smart Send™, a streamlined Microsoft Outlook add-in designed to enhance email workflow efficiency. 

Product Updates: innova™ 7.6 & Change-Pro® 7.5
innova™ 7.6 Adds 64-bit Office Support
Our best-of-breed enterprise-grade document automation platform has been updated with 64-bit Microsoft Office support. The update also improves InterAction 6.2 and allows the ability to push only new user changes for Update Cache. The redesigned 64-bit Office search screens now use rest API as well.
Support Ending for Change-Pro® 7.5
Change-Pro 7.5 will receive quarterly maintenance updates and support through 2017, but from January 1st of 2018, we will only support Change-Pro 10. If you have any questions or concerns on how this may affect you, please contact our customer service team at customer-service@litera.com or call +1-336-375-2991.

Litéra Webinars
Email is an essential asset in the daily workflow of most professionals. For some, however, the productivity wasted handling cumbersome attachments and the potential for easily making irreversible mistakes has made email a liability.  Register for one of our free sessions on how to simplify attachments and avoid email pitfalls in Outlook.
Litéra Podcasts
In this Litéra sponsored podcast, host Ben Zimmerman explores news, technology, and services that will help you improve your business and home office productivity. 

Ben Zimmerman joins email expert, Joel Martin, in the latest episode to talk about how you can protect yourself from common email disasters and improve your email workflow.

In the latest episode of Litéra sponsored Lawyer 2 Lawyer, hosts Bob Ambrogi and Craig Williams join Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network and Michele Jawando, vice president for Legal Progress at American Progress, as they take a look at the nomination of Judge Gorsuch, his record on rulings, and his potential impact on the Supreme Court if confirmed.