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April, 2011
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Welcome to our April Behold Children, Behold Christ Club Newsletter! This newsletter is for those interested in Little Flowers Girls' Club/Blue Knights Catholic Boys/Little Women Hospitality Program and Our Lady's Honor Guard! We hope to share ideas for running and operating a successful clubs as well as great resources for your programs.

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Living Lent: Inside and Outrachel 

by Rachel Watkins
Little Flowers Creator
Our Lady's Honor Guard Creator
In his recent audience (April 13, 2011), our Holy Father, has made attempted to make holiness as easy as 1,2,3.  
Perhaps also this language of Vatican II is a bit solemn for us; perhaps we should say things in a still simpler way. What is the most essential? [1] Essential is that no Sunday be left without an encounter with the Risen Christ in the Eucharist -- this is not a burden but light for the whole week. [2] Never to begin or end a day without at least a brief contact with God. [3] And, in the journey of our life, to follow "road signs" that God has communicated to us in the Decalogue read with Christ, which is simply the definition of charity in specific situations. I think this is the true simplicity and grandeur of the life of holiness: the encounter with the Risen One on Sunday; contact with God at the beginning and end of the day; in decisions, to follow the "road signs" that God has communicated to us, which are simply forms of charity. From whence charity for God and for our neighbor is made the distinctive sign of the true disciple of Christ. (Lumen Gentium , 42). This is true simplicity, grandeur and profundity of the Christian life, of being saints.
The last sentence quoted above is the challenge set before us - being saints.  An intimidating thought, especially if you are like me and you had to look up "Decalogue" (the Ten Commandments).   The moment I looked it up, I shook my head and said, "I knew THAT! I knew that!"  I did know that as I had learned it, way back when, in my Old Testament class at Franciscan U. with then first year teacher, Professor Andy Minto.  I knew that.
Much of our lives both as would-be saints and parents is spent both teaching and remembering.   We strive to remember what we know to be true and to pass those same teachings onto our children.  Teaching, always teaching is our mantra.  Teaching ourselves and teaching those around us.  
In looking up Professor Minto (to be assured I remembered his name correctly), I discovered a website called "Rate My Professor" where you can rate a professor on 'Helpfulness', 'Clarity' and 'Easiness'.  He received an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5.  I had to chuckle as what skewed his number was his 'Easiness' rating of 1.8!   In other words, he was not an easy teacher (that I remember very well!) but rated well in both his helpfulness and clarity.
What about the Holy Father, how would he rate?  What about Jesus Christ?  What about ourselves?
Now, granted, we never want to see our roles as a popularity contest in which we are everyone's best friend and no one's parent.  In thinking of both Pope Benedict and Jesus neither of them are winning a popularity contest with many in the world.   The Pope is regularly misquoted and purposely misunderstood by many in the media; while for others Jesus Christ is merely a curse word.  But while they might not popular (except in circles such as ours), they also know being popular is not what anyone should strive for but sainthood and heaven.   
Interestingly enough, going back to Professor Minto, despite being a tough teacher he was (and probably still is) a popular teacher.  His Old Testament class was challenging but I enjoyed it immensely.  In reflecting back to those days, I wondered why I liked his class so much despite its being so difficulty.
The reason?  Love and Authenticity.  He pushed us to not just know our Old Testament but always reflect on what it meant in the here and the now.  It was not a history book he was teaching from but the living, breathing word of God.   It was not an easy class, but he taught it such love that you didn't mind.   Professor Minto was authentically Catholic, unapologetic in his love for Christ, for the subject and, yes, love for the students striving to understand (though sometimes miserably poorly).  
Professor Minto teaches just as Pope Benedict does and just as Christ does.  He was clear in his teaching, helpful in understanding and always challenging and always, always with great love.
That is what we want to strive for as parents.  We need to parent with clarity, ready to help, knowing it won't be easy and covering it all with love.   We want to be absolutely clear to our children (and ourselves) what Christ and the Church teaches and how it relates to our world.  We need to be helpful as our children grow in their understanding.  We need to be willing to remind them (again and again) of what is truly important.  We need to utilize many techniques of teaching from stories to parables to a well-placed, well-timed lecture as Christ did.  And we need to do it all with love.
Being a saint cannot be impossible, as we have literally thousands who have proven it is attainable.  Our Pope has shown us the way - 1, 2, 3.  Our job as parents is to both live it and teach it well - with love.
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The Master Gardner
living and learning the virtues 
Wreath I Virtue Storieskindlepic
I've gotten a lot of feedback this month about the Wreath I Virtue Stories. So many leaders are using them in their meetings and absolutely loving them! One leader called to tell me that her girls just love the Virtue Stories, especially how true to life the characters and situations are. They should be! The stories are ones taken from my experiences with my own children. I've had several requests for a Wreath 2 Virtue Stories, so I'm starting to collect ideas for those virtues. If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. Send them to: I write the outlines for the Virtue Stories while in my weekly Adoration time. Sometimes, it is the only quiet time I get all week! 
Meanwhile, if you have a Kindle, the Wreath I Virtue Stories are now available for your Kindle Reader for an even lower price than the print version! I have found reading aloud from my Kindle is at times easier than a book. I don't loose my place and the bookmark doesn't get pulled out by the two year old! Click on the image above to take you to to purchase your Kindle copy of Wreath I Virtue Stories.  
PS: For those of you who were concerned about the reference to Home Depot in my last column, I just wanted to let you know that my husband was price-shopping for a chain saw and ended up purchasing it from a small, local dealer. Thanks to all who gave me a "heads-up" about the boycott. Forgive me if I offended anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What connection does each flower or color have to the virtue they represent?


Generally, not much or none. Some do have a connection, especially in Wreath I, such as the sunflower turning toward the sun (Son) as a representation of faith, but for the most part, especially in the later Wreaths, the flowers and colors were chosen simply by the promptings of the Holy Spirit and may not have a direct connection to the virtue. If there is a specific connection, you can find it in the Leader's Guide for each Wreath.   

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