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May, 2011
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:: Find out about Blue Knights Boys' Club!
:: Meet Emily
:: THE MASTER and learning the virtues
:: FAQ Does Blue Knights have to be led by a dad?
Welcome to our May Behold Children, Behold Christ Club Newsletter! This newsletter is for those interested in Little Flowers Girls' Club/Blue Knights Catholic Boys/Little Women Hospitality Program and Our Lady's Honor Guard! We hope to share ideas for running and operating a successful clubs as well as great resources for your programs.

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Blue Knights Boys' ClubBlueKnights logoweb 


We usually use this column for a message from Rachel Watkins, the Little Flowers Girls' Club creator. Rachel is taking a month off so that we can focus on Blue Knights Boys' Club. There is no doubt that the Little Flowers Girls' Club is our most popular Catholic Club material, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the other club material isn't just as good. Boys have more appealing opportunities it seems. Boy Scouts, Conquest, and the Knights of Columbus Squires programs are all very good organizations that help boys become virtuous men. So why would an already over-busy dad or mom choose Blue Knights Boys' Club for their boys?
1. True Catholic teaching in a fun atmosphere.
A short lesson followed by activities and crafts help reinforce the basic virtues and teachings of the faith. Using Scripture, saints biographies and quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, boys knowledge progresses through the years. The years proceed through virtues, sacraments, the Trinity, missionaries and evangelists, the Ten Commandments and more!. Currently there are five years of study available complete with their own set of badges and different colored capes that boys earn while they work through the program.

2. Flexible and Easy
The program is designed to work with different age groups and at different paces catered to the needs of different groups. It can be easily adapted to a home setting, school setting, or homeschool setting. You can put in as much or as little time as you want and the boys will still get something from the program. Of course, as with everything else, the more you put into the program, the larger the rewards.

3. No dues, No registration, No hassles
One of the primary differences between Blue Knights and other organizations is that it isn't a national organization. There is no dues, no registration, no national directives. The groups are locally run and operated, keeping the control close to home or parish.

4. Inexpensive and family friendly
The Blue Knights materials are very inexpensive especially when compared to other boys' organizations. And since there is no national dues, the costs are only for the materials themselves, with no administration or other *soft* costs. Many boys in a family can participate because of the low costs of materials (member book is only $4.50...even cheaper if you use the coupon below!) and the flexibility of using the program with multiple age groups.

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Looking for a Blue Knight Club in your area? Since there is no registration or national organization, everything is organized at the local level. If your local parish or homeschool group does not already have a Blue Knights Club, consider starting one today! Simply request your free informational CD by emailing: and include your name, your parish or homeschool group's name, address and phone number.

Links to other Blue Knights groups:

All Saints Catholic Homeschoolers, TN: 


JMJ Homeschool group, NJ:






















Meet Emily, Our Faithful Seamstress!Emily's family


 Behold Publications (Ecce Homo Press) has grown a lot over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to strengthen Catholic families. As you may know, we make most of our fabric items by hand, from doll outfits to aprons, sashes and Blue Knights breastplates and capes (on sale this month! See coupon below). Most of these items we also designed ourselves. Early on, my daughters and I did much of the sewing, but it soon became too much for us to handle. Thank goodness for Emily!


Emily and her husband, Matthew are bobreastplateth homeschool graduates and graduates of Franciscan University of Steubenville. Through homeschooling and her work in the theater at Steubenville, Emily perfected her design and sewing skills. When she moved to Louisville after graduation, she was looking for a homeschool family to live with while she taught at the local private Catholic school. We had just moved here and opened up our house to her. That's when I discovered her talent for designing and sewing! Emily redesigned our Breastplates, doll outfits, and most impressively, the soon to be released St. Katharine Drexel doll's wedding dress for the Princesses You Can Believe In series.  This doll dress is an authentic 18th century replica of Katharine Drexel's dress she wore when taking the religious habit.


Emily and her husband, Matthew now live in Athens, Ohio where Emily is a stay at home mom to Anthony (2, and a future Blue Knight!) and baby Lucia (a future Little Flower!)


The Master Gardner
living and learning the virtues 
Chivalry is not dead!
Does you lad like knights, castles, fighting dragons and conquering lands? Can you imagine if you could harness all that energy toward learning the faith, practicing virtues and defending the teachings of the Church? Perhaps your boy is itching to be a Blue Knight Catholic Boy!  The program was developed by a dad of 8, six of whom are boys, while he was an active duty Marine. After earning his doctorate in theology, Dr. Maguire now teaches in Great Falls, MT.
For more information on Dr. Maguire, click here:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Blue Knights have to be run by a dad? I want to start one but my husband is so busy already.


The Blue Knights program is perfect for busy dads. The lessons are simply laid out so that a dad could pick it up and lead a discussion with little preparation. More preparation may be needed in the craft or game department and this is where moms can really help lift the load. 


Sometimes Blue Knights meet during the day while dads are at work. In our local group, we meet during the day in a downtown localtion. Several dads who have flexible schedules or work downtown, take turns coming to the monthly meetings to lead the discussion topic for the month. The moms do all the prep work, but the dad comes to do the talk. 


Of course, Blue Knights Clubs are locally run and operated, so this flexibility will allow you to operate your club in the matter that best fits your needs.

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Thanks for all you do to spread the faith!
God bless!

Joan Stromberg
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