*Friday, April 14th-No school/Good Friday
*Wednesday, May 24th-Pre-K graduation 9:30 am
*Friday, May 26th-Last day of school/Pre-K Field Day
Little Pebbles 
Stepping Stones
April 2017

         The Lord has blessed our school in many ways, and the most obvious reason is our extremely talented teaching staff. (Applause! Applause!) Our Preschool Team is organizing a special week for our teachers. They will be sending a letter to parents with more details in the near future. Thank you so much for offering these remarkable Christian teachers the accolades they have earned! Our excellent teaching staff
is listed below.
TODDLERS-Tabitha Vought, Michelle Ropp, Linda Bryant
TWOS-Marlie Taylor & Jennifer Johnson, Sherry Geunes &Monica Godwin, Nadia Von Gunten & Ana Elsberry
THREES- Debbie Holway & Heather White, Caren Rowe & Bonnie Tillson, Deana Giunta & Julie Griffis
Pre-K-Jenny Smith & Cheryl Berry, Amy Hofstetter & Robin Parker, Alyson Woodend & Samone Gilbert
MUSIC & HAPPY FEET- Julie Hansen & Kim Humphries
ENRICHMENT-Andrea Agnew, Julie Hansen, Emily Robertson, Halle Woodward, Kristin Ebbeling, Liz Tufekci, Farrah Howard, Sharron Hartman, Mallory Davis
ADMINISTRATIVE-Linda Kilmer, Rachel Pavlik, Andrea Agnew, Cheryl Fuller

Join us as we "HOP" into our next Parent's Night Out on Friday, April 7th, from 5:30-8:30!  Our "themed" Parent's Night Out will be a fabulous night of dinner, Easter crafts and activities for all ages, 12 months and walking through 5th grade!  Cost is $12 per child with a $30 cap per family.  Please register by Wednesday, April 5th .  

Monday, April 10th
            Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. We are happy to welcome Gainesville Rabbit Rescue to our school. GRR is a non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out animals to loving homes. If your child does not come to school on this day, feel free to join us for the presentation. Contact your child's teacher for the time their class is attending.

Thursday, April 6th
          Vroom! Vroom! Harley Davidson of Gainesville is bringing a couple of motorcycles for the children to view up close and learn about motorcycle safety. A special thank you to one of our parents, Kevin Lytle, who is volunteering his time AND motorcycles for the day. I don't want a pickle, I just "wanna" ride your "motorcycle!" Cool dude!

 Trinity's Easter EGG HUNT
         Our Easter Celebration is Easter morning, April 16th, at 9:40 and 11:00! Join us at 9:40 for our wonderful children's Sunday School program, followed by refreshments, singing under the oaks and our family egg hunt! Don't forget your Easter basket!  For our 11:00 attenders, please join your family for worship (childcare for 0-pre-K) followed by an egg hunt at the chapel. There will be no Children's Sunday School at 11:00.

Our character trait this month is honesty. We will be learning the benefits of being honest with everyone, including God. Our Bible verse is from Ephesians 4:25; Speak the truth. 

Mark your calendar. 
Food Packaging Event
April 5th
5:30 - 7:30 pm Trinity UMC
in the Worship Center

Our goal is to package 30k meals that will be shipped to Honduras

Tuesday and Wednesday  
April 11th & 12th
            How would you like a memorable group photo of your child's entire class? We thought so! On Tuesday and Wednesday, Califf Photography will be visiting Stepping Stones for just that purpose. These photos are prepaid and money will be collected on picture day. Say cheese!


Friday, April 21st
             It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a Preschool Super Hero! In celebration of Earth Day, we are calling forth all super heroes to our school as we learn how to recycle, reduce, and reuse our planets resources. Children are invited to wear their favorite super hero costumes on this special day as we take a closer look at this beautiful world God has made.

        Next time you head off to Office Depot be sure to mention our school phone number when you check out. It's called the Rewards Program and our number is #317-1090. They will send our school coupons which will be greatly appreciated when ordering school supplies. Bless you!


        We all know that April showers bring May flowers, and Enrichment is taking full advantage of Spring; creating butterflies, flowers, and lots of creepy crawlies. We will also be visiting the farm and learning about the baby animals who live there.

Be a part of Trinity's Summer Camp! Registration is now OPEN! Summer Time Fun is for age 1 (and walking) by April 1, 2017, through incoming 1st graders. Children will take part in a fun-filled morning of activities, crafts, music, movement, and free play related to special Bible themes.

Save the Date:  Vacation Bible School:  June 5th-9th  from 9-12:00 for those who have completed  Pre-K through 5th grade.  Registration begins on April 3rd


We want to remind parents of our 2 year old children that your child must be completely potty-trained before entering the 3's classrooms. We do not have diaper changing facilities in these classrooms. For safety reasons, children in our toddler class must be able to walk on their own. Also, Enrichment children who are ages 3 and 4 will not take naps next year. Use this summer to get your child acclimated to no napping, completely potty trained, and walking on their own.Thank you for your cooperation with these policies. Our 2017 Open House will be on Thursday, August 17th and the first day of school begins on Monday, August 21st.

Parents if you post pictures on Stepping Stones Facebook page (or your personal page) that have children pictured other than your own; please remember not all parents have signed a media release for their children. Please call the school office first, and we will let you know if you have permission to post the photo. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is the section where we extend our sincere thanks to those of you who have helped our school through your time and talent. Nice!
*Vince Perry-Our favorite "handy dandy" man! We appreciate you so much!
*Susan Kovi-You keep our facility safe and beautiful! Bravo!
*Ben Haines-Thanks for making Wednesdays extra special! Whee!
*Mallory Davis-You're king of the jungle around here! Loved the donations! GRREAT!
*Crystal Whitmer (and Donna too)-Special bags for special days makes you two very special. (Hee!) So fun!
*To all the parents in Mrs. Smith's class who donated items for treasure box-You are our treasure! Thanks!
*To all our parents, husbands, sons, and friends who volunteered their time to teach us about your jobs-A heartfelt thank you!
*To our special Dr. Seuss readers-Bless your hearts!
*Michelle Ropp-You made "Seuss on the Loose" possible. Fun!
*Carol Dungan- pull-ups are always welcome! Thank you!
*To all our Seuss helpers who know how to have fun! Heather Tomeo, Yancy Cheshire, April Nick, Emily Kaufman, Lauren Chagaris, Franny Long, Valon and Peyton Gilbert, John Carmichael, Melissa Marante, Sarah Cheshire, Erin Cushing, Roseann Belser, Sheila Traynor, Laura MacGregor, Renae and Eric Nicolich, Brittany Campbell, Emily Starnes, Summer Miller, Lacey McGriff, Sherrie Thomas Awesome!

TEACHER TEASERS: See how many facts you can match with our teachers. Guess Who?
1.) I am bilingual. Guess Who?
2.) My child attends Stepping Stones. Guess Who?
3.) I was the Drum Major of my high school band. Guess Who?
4.) The Battle of Gettysburg was fought on my great, great, grandfather's farm. Guess Who?
5.) I won the Thanksgiving store-window painting contest. Guess Who?
6.) My siblings and I live on 3 different continents. Guess Who?
7.) I am a twin. Guess Who?
8.) I have seen both the Thanksgiving Day parade and the New Year's Eve ball drop LIVE in New York City. Guess Who?
9.) I went to Culinary School. Guess Who?
10.) I took a 2 hour nap in the Louvre Museum when I was in Paris. Guess Who?
11.) I have backpacked through Pisgah National Forest for 14 days. Guess Who?

TEACHER TEASER ANSWERS: Let's see how well you know our faculty.
1.) Liz Tufekci 2.) Bonnie Tillson 3.) Amy Hofstetter 4.) Jan Banks
5.) Linda Bryant 6.) Monica Godwin 7.) Sherry Geunes 8.) Julie Griffis 9.) Samone Gilbert 10.) Ana Elsberry 11.) Jennifer Johnson

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