Live Your Passion

What are your passions and what role do they play in your life?  Maybe you're truly passionate about music.  If that's the case, you're not satisfied with just flipping on your car radio as you go about your day.  Instead, you subscribe to music services, make playlists, attend concerts, study an instrument and maybe even donate to music therapy programs to help others.  Your passion for music is reflected in your daily life. 
The same goes for causes outside of our personal spheres.  If we're passionate about kids in Kenya having clean water to drink, it's not enough to get teary-eyed reading Facebook articles about their plight.  Passion for the cause motivates us to financially support one of those kids or participate in a 6K run to raise money for wells to be built on the other side of the world.
What about our role in expanding the Kingdom of God? We are all Christians, but are we passionate about the mission of Christ on Earth?  While a one-hour Sunday morning worship service is vital to our spiritual well-being and our relationship with Jesus, true passion won't let our commitment end there.

The ability of Summit of Peace to change people's lives relies on your passion and your generosity.  Your donation of time, skills and money enable us to carry out our mission of helping people Grow, Share and Live their faith.  What happens when all of us together are actively living out our passion for Christ in this place?  A visitor walks through our front doors to hear the saving Word of God because they received a postcard in the mail.  A needy child in our community receives a backpack full of school supplies or her family is handed a bag of groceries to help them get through the weekend. Our youth take time out of their busy lives to make fleece blankets to give to our brave veterans.  In other words, lives are changed, the Kingdom of God grows, and we continue the great commission, "Go Make Disciples of All Nations."
Thank you for living out your passion for Christ at Summit of Peace.

Holy Week & Easter Services

If you would like to print out this Easter flyer, click HERE to download the PDF version. 
Easter Breakfast

You're invited to Easter Breakfast on April 16th at 7:30 am brought to you by the men of Summit of Peace.

If you'd like to help Dave Argo with breakfast, cooking, serving, and/or clean up, please see the sign up sheets underneath the bulletin boards. 

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

It's that time of year! Bring your little ones to Summit of Peace's Easter Egg Scavenger  Hunt on April 14th, starting at 10am. At this special Easter Egg Event, kids will be paired in groups with the youth, and will use Bible clues to find the next station! Each station will have a mini-lesson, a craft, and a prize! If you have a bible, you're welcome to follow along with the clues, but don't fret if you don't bring one! The youth will be helping the kids through the various stations. You can contact Susan Argo or Alexi Palazzari with questions.

24/6 True Rest in a Restless World

Join us on April 23rd as we begin our new Sermon Series, 24/6.  To say that people feel over worked and under-rested  today  is a tremendous understatement. The promised "easy life" of our modern technology society has turned out to be the opposite. Join us a we discover the gift God gives us in his "rest" and how it can literally change our lives.
Confirmation Sunday

Join us on April 30th as our 8th Grade students have a Faith Conversation and Confirm their Faith at 9:20 am in the Gathering Grounds Fellowship hall. 

At the 10:30 am Contemporary service will be the Rite of Confirmation with the Lord's Supper. 
LifeGroups are Coming!

Our Summer editions of LifeGroups will be available for sign up starting April 16th. These LifeGroups may begin May or in June.  

If you would like to facilitate or host a LifeGroup, please contact Pastor Roberts for more information.
SOP Hikers

SOP Hikers on April 8th, are going to the Waterton Canyon Trail. All our welcome to join in the hike. Meet at Summit of Peace at 8:00 am. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Wheeler
Keep Thornton Clean

Let's help keep our community we serve looking beautiful by participating in Thornton's Spring Clean Up Project on the morning of April 29th. Sign up to form a SOP team to pick up trash on designated streets in Thornton. We will meet at Summit of Peace at 8:30 am on April 29th.

You can sign up under the bulletin boards or online HERE
Fore Cambodia Golf Tournament

When: Friday June 30th
Check in: 7 am
Tee Off: 7:30 am
Cost: $125 for Individuals
Team of 4: $450 (if paid in full before June 16th)
Lunch Only: $25

Includes Greens Fee, Golf Cart, Range Balls, & Lunch. This Tournament is a low-pressure scramble format!

Registration Coming Soon!
We will have in person and online registration under on our website. 

Best Practices for Ministries Debrief

On March 26th, Staff and Lay Leaders gave a Best Practices for Ministries Debrief. Best Practices for Ministries is a free conference for Church Workers and volunteers held in Arizona at Christ Lutheran. Each year for the past 5 years Summit of Peace has sent both Staff and Ministry/Lay Leaders. 

To view the Powerpoint PDF from last week's Debrief, click HERE.  

The video Kim Wheeler shared is not in the PDF but can be found here:

Spotlight on Hunger - End Childhood Hunger 

Join us on April 13, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the Wedgewood at Brittany Hill for a dinner/silent auction and entertainment. This is our yearly fundraiser for Food For Hope. The cost is $45 per person or $350 per table of 8. Please RSVP by April 6th.  This will be a very enjoyable evening for all. Go to our website to sign up: 
We continue the podcast called ETown which began on February 22.  This program discusses our mission, successes and future plans. You can go to our website at obtain more information and watch the program.
There are many ways to donate to help Food For Hope. You can sponsor a child for $5 a month.  Information can again be found on the website. You can also volunteer on Monday evenings to help pack or help deliver the food on Thursdays. Giving a financial donation will also help  Please see the website to sign up.  
March was another busy month for Food For Hope.  Each week over 400 bags of healthy food were packed for children at 6 different elementary schools in the Adams 12 school district. We are also working with a couple high schools providing healthy breakfast snacks for needy students. We have received many letters from teachers, students and parents of students thanking Food For Hope for the food.  They tell us what a huge difference the food makes for these students and families as it gives them food for over the weekends. The food is delivered to the schools on Thursdays and the students look forward to being able to pick up their bags on Fridays to take it home. Over 14,000 students in Adams 12 school district are dependent on schools for proper nutrition through the week. Food For Hope works with these schools to give students food for the weekends. 
As always, we thank all of our volunteers and thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Open Hands, Open Hearts

For some of us, when uncertainty and worry creep into our lives, we hold tightly to our resources. We cling to our earthly possessions believing it is the only way we can guarantee financial security.

The concept of living with open hands goes against both what we may have been taught and what we may think of as plain old common sense, but there can be great rewards in living with our hands open. 

Throughout scripture we are encouraged to share what we have with others. In Deuteronomy 15 it reads, "You shall not ... shut your hand from your poor brother, but you shall open your hand wide to him." This idea is great in theory, but becomes uncomfortable when it's time to put it into practice in our own lives. Perhaps it's worth considering how keeping open hands may enrich our own lives.
Need a few ideas to help you get started?
  • Embrace gratitude: 
    Writing in a gratitude journal can be a fulfilling spiritual practice. Many studies have shown that writing three things you are grateful for each day has the power to transform your outlook and help you appreciate the fullness of your own life.
  • Value contentment: Be on the lookout for things that bring a smile to your face. Maybe it's waking up to birds singing, the sound of a baby's laughter or watching God's daily artistry in the sunrise or sunset. None of these things can be bought or owned, yet they bring joy to your life in awesome ways!
  • Live generously: The art of giving may take a while to learn, so here's an idea: Try adding a "giving" line item in your monthly budget to help make it a normal part of your monthly expenses. The more consistently you give, the more natural it will become.
By living in response to God's grace with an open hand, you can look forward to experiencing an emotional and spiritual return that will come your way, pressed down, shaken together and running over!
This article provided compliments of Thrivent Financial and Jeff Schuchard, ChFC, LUTCF, RICP, Financial Consultant, 303-451-7297,

Serving the Lord

Thank you for Serving the Lord. It takes on average 53 volunteers for Sunday Services. If you are unable to serve on your day, please find a replacement and let the office know as soon as possible. 

"Worship the Lord with gladness;come before him with joyful songs." Psalm 100:2

  Click HERE to see who is Serving the Lord in April. 
April Birthdays

Christopher Asti 1st 
Andrew Palazzari 1st 
Ron Schneider 1st
Tyler Soukup 1st 
Olivia Hamilton 2nd 
Bob Phillips 2nd 
Joey Smith 2nd 
Carrie Torneo 2nd 
Reid Kalsow 3rd 
Henry Porter 3rd 
Karrie Jacoby 4th 
Kinsey Anderson 5th 
Vicki Morgan 5th 
Chris Bryslan 6th 
Henry Simons 8th 
Alyssa Baker 9th 
Gladys Toepfer 9th 
Megan Anthony 10th 
Kevin Smith 10th 
Russ Stolte 10th  
Lois Limmel 15th 
Bev Petersen 15th 
Euell Santistevan 15th 
Nelly Grantham 16th 
Michael Hill 16th 
Charles Gonzales 17th 
Zach Baker 18th 
Susan Meier 18th 
Easton Baker 19th 
Hannah Rolf 19th 
Olivia Pearson 21st 
Dell Strom 21st 
Ryan Dawson 22nd 
Kris Reschke 22nd 
Joe Torneo 22nd 
Doug Hartleben 23rd 
Haylei Shama 24th 
Paul Sigler 24th 
Coda Howitt 25th 
Brittnie Munson 25th 
Kathy Haag 26th 
Connie Gomez 27th 
Becky Schauland 27th 
Ashley Mueller 29th 
Jerry Roose 29th 

April Anniversaries

Tess & Chris Hogan 4/2/05
Alice & Howard Smith   4/2/71
Susan & Dave Argo 4/4/98
Jim & Vicky Morgan 4/5/80
Marlise & Michael Bruno 4/11/92
Connie & Raul Gomez 4/16/77
Duane & Sherry Sheldon 4/18/15
Jackie & Vince Asti 4/23/94
Diane & William Brigode   4/23/69
Di & Dave Gragert 4/25/87
Chris & Nicole Shama 4/26/03