Live with no excuses, love with no regrets!
(an encouraging word)


It's said that time consists of the past, present, and future. Would it be incorrect to perceive time only in present and future form?

Hear me out.

Past occurrences, no matter how big or small, have molded us into who we are. 

Your father giving you an encouraging boost, as you learned to ride a bike, could instill an outline of a Father's role when pondering suitors. 

If your mother missed your high school graduation then you may learn to expect disappointments from the women that come into your life.

One situation may not be the discerning factor in decisions made, but depending on the personal significance it can manipulate your future.

When we reminisce about a past love and can almost hear their voice, the chuckle that arrises from a wild weekend with a friend, the pain from death or the loss of someone close; bring past to present.

It's defining. 

Your response when you hear a familiar fib births the reply you should have spoken then. 

That butt whipping from a street fight you received as a teen, has encouraged you to bob and weave if the situation ever resurfaced. 

We are our past, both good and bad, just like the future will be the present.

Live with no excuses and Love with no regrets.


Until next time... 
~ You're Beautiful 



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