Volume XXVI | Issue 142

Wow, what a joy it has been to spend so many years in a career I have loved, that of gathering and supporting Small Church Communities. What a privilege it has been to meet so many wonderful people, to hear your stories, to witness your faith, to celebrate, to laugh and to cry with you. Throughout those years it has been a blessing to serve with dozens of committed and talented people on the SCC Core Team. We have shared faith and worked hard to support the vision and the experience of SCCs at Spirit of Christ. My own small community of forty+ years, has so decreased in membership that we are unable to continue to meet.  Many members have moved, some to heaven and others to closer places, but still far away! The dedicated pastoral staff at Spirit of Christ, both past and present, has been an ongoing support to me and to Small Church Ccommunities. I am so thankful to the staff, the women and men who serve in both non-ordained and ordained ministries. Their constant goal is to help deepen Spirit of Christ Catholic Community's mission to make Jesus ever more present in our lives and in our world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
The time has come for me to retire and to explore what the future holds. But, before I leave the SCC Coordinator position on October 1st, there will be one more SCC gathering at which I hope to see lots of you!!!  Please see below. . .

Plan to attend the Return to Joy Small Church Community Evening, Tuesday, September 26th.  
Fr. Greg will join us for the evening to share some insights about joy and you will hear the story of what one SCC has been doing to share joy long distance! You are asked to bring your sunflowers and a dessert to share.  We will gather at 7:00 p.m. in the Spirit Center .

Be sure that your SCC is represented that evening as each small community will be given a new book of prayer, Doors to the Sacred, which can be added as a resource to your SCC bag. Don't have a SCC bag? They will also be available on the 26th.  

  Please reserve space here so we know how many tables to set up!!!

Faith Sharing Material for SCCs
The Art of Accompaniment, [Call SCC Office] 4 Chapters with Discussion Questions, Bill Huebsch, Twenty Third Publications.

Pope Francis has spoken again and again about our need to meet people in whatever circumstances life has given them and to walk with them in compassion and love. He names this "the art of accompaniment."  But what exactly does Pope Francis mean by that term? In this clear and easy-to-use reading guide, Bill Huebsch helps pastors and parishioners deepen their understanding of Pope Francis' urgent call and explore ways to make it real in parish life.
Mark and Jen Morton, Justin and Mria Gamble, Kaytee and Peter Romriell, Megan and Matt Coady, Chelsea and Luke Stramel 
Abundant blessings on you, your families and your Small Church Communities!  You have enriched my life immeasurably! 
Barb Howard