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       Mandu Manuel da Silva 
            and apprentices.

"Today, I like doing my work, and I will only stop when I die. When I'm really sick, I can't work. Today, I am healthy and attending patients. ... In S�o Gabriel, I treat five to eight people a day."

- Mandu da Silva -   



"I wish to express my deep gratitude for all the Foundation has been doing to help Mandu, his family, and the recording of the shaman's knowledge. ... It is a tribute to Mandu that he has taken very seriously this transmission to the group of young apprentices under his instruction. It is safe to say that there is now no danger that the traditions will be 'lost' due to a lack of incentive; concretely, there are at least four shamans who have been instructed sufficiently that they will continue making and reproducing worlds, according to traditions. This is deeply rewarding to all involved. Many heartfelt thanks to you all."

-- Robin M. Wright, Ph.D.  

Donate to the special fund to support Mandu's recording of his knowledge. 

Dear Friend of Shamanism,

Living Treasure Mandu Manuel da Silva, snuff-jaguar shaman of the Baniwa people of Northwest Amazonia, has requested assistance from the Foundation in order to complete recordings of his knowledge, so that it may be available for future generations of Baniwa shamans.
Baniwa Shamanic Revitalization

Mandu has been at the heart of the Baniwa Shamanic Revitalization project sponsored by the Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of FSS members and donors, great progress has been made, including the building of the Shaman's House of Knowledge. History of the project.


Through Dr. Robin Wright, FSS Field Associate and coordinator of the project, Mandu recently reported that the stipend he received from the Brazilian government, for work he did some time ago to maintain an airstrip, was abruptly discontinued. Without the stipend, his living situation has become very difficult, making it hard to continue his work with the ongoing revitalization efforts. He is in his eighties and has been recording, with the aid of his daughter Ercilia, his specialized knowledge, gleaned from 64 years of practice, as the only remaining snuff-jaguar shaman - in order to preserve it for his apprentices and future Baniwa shamans. Dr. Wright has been translating his recordings to be preserved, too, in the Foundation's Shamanic Knowledge Conservatory.

How You Can Help

"Manuel is 89 years old. He has worked as a paj� (shaman) for 64 years, working and suffering a lot to support his family. And today, he is considered by the indigenous people as a true and much respected paj�."

--Ercilia da Silva,

Mandu's daughter 


The Foundation has set up a special fund to help Mandu. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation via the Foundation to this special fund, which will go toward supporting Mandu in his efforts and help keep the Baniwa revitalization alive. You may make a one-time donation or a monthly ongoing donation, which is especially helpful to Mandu. Any assistance is welcome and will make so much difference to Mandu and his people.

Thank you


. Michael - Susan Sig


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