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February 24, 2012
"The best way out is always through" 
Robert Frost
Withdrawing From Addictions 


Drug, alcohol and cigarette addictions are everywhere.    Withdrawal from these substances can range from mild to severe.   If you have ever tried to stop smoking or give up caffeine, you have a good idea how difficult this can be.


Peter Gillham's "Drug Withdrawal (DW) Formula "


For over 30 years Peter Gillham has been helping people get off of drugs and alcohol with his DW Formula.  Though originally designed to assist people off street drugs, over the years it has become popular with our store customers  for other types of addictions such as caffeine and tobacco.  Withdrawal from any addictive substance has physical symptoms, some mild, others very painful.  The special combination of nutrients in the DW Formula helps to minimize these symptoms.


Drugs, alcohol and other toxic substances deplete the body of vitamins and minerals.  One of the most important nutrients to take while going through any drug or alcohol withdrawal is vitamin B1.  Lots of B1, taken daily throughout the withdrawal period, will help to avoid convulsions which can occur after heavy drug use.  The B1 needs to be taken with other vitamins and minerals in precise dosages to maintain a proper balance of needed nutrients.  The DW Formula contains this perfect combination of vitamins and minerals.  Calcium and magnesium are also included in this formula.  These essential minerals are needed for detoxification and keeping the body both strong and relaxed throughout the stressful period. 


Withdrawing from toxic substances definitely has its challenges.  If you, or someone you know, would like help during this process, we highly recommend Peter's intelligent DW Formula


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