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Welcome to MNN's daily newsletter for Thursday, Nov. 15. In our lead story, we explore why so many people are choosing to live off the grid. For the latest environmental news throughout the day, visit us online at www.mnn.com.



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During storm season, trees can become a treacherous liability, but there are ways homeowners can keep the beauty and shed the fear by following a few simple rules.

Pity the poor opossum. The oft-maligned marsupial definitely suffers from an image problem. But whether you love them or hate them, North America's only marsupial has a set of unique characteristics that might transform aversion into affection.


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Feelings of guilt tax the immune system and can contribute to a variety of health problems, including stroke and heart disease. Our health reporter has more.


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Turkey remains the centerpiece in most Thanksgiving dinners, but there are many ways to incorporate recipes that bridge the divide between old-school feasts and vegetarian fare. So, it's time to pass the salt and hold the griping. Here are five crowd-pleasers to try.


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On this day in history: The Quebec Association of Indians blocks a hydroelectric project, and George H.W. Bush signs key amendments to the Clean Air Act. Find out more about Nov. 15...

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