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Livonia Paradigm of the Week

Tammy Bonifield
Livonia Board of Education
The typewriter is a huge advocate of our Livonia volunteer sector exhibited by our service clubs.

As soon as Tammy was elected to the Livonia Board of Education she expanded her community involvement by joining the Livonia Rotary AM Club which meets each Wednesday at 7:30 AM at
Steve's Family Dining on Middlebelt Road.

Congratulations Tammy on your membership example that serves as a model for creating a bridge between our schools and our community.
Your Livonia Optimist Club is making a difference  

Essay/Oratorical Contests

February 1
Deadline to submit an application for the Optimist Oratorical Contest.

February 4 
Deadline to submit an application for the Optimist  Essay Contest.

First prize is a $500 scholarship. For
more information call Mike Kolacz at 734-943-2859.

March/April -
Reading for Success - Books collected throughout the city are donated to an elementary school for summer reading

March & June 
Pizza party for the most optimistic class in a Livonia elementary school.
Service Club update
Mark the date


Julie Robinson photography

Entire month of January

Livonia City Hall


FridayMusings on the Road

Every Monday in January

9:00-12:00 @ UPS Store, 5 & Newburgh

Meet and greet while writing the weekly issue of Musings or answer any marketing questions you have about your business. Iced tea being served.


Every Wednesday in January

9:00-11:00 @The Tuscan in Northville

Checking out the view from beyond our borders. Available for coffee and discussion.


Motor City Youth Theatre

6 Sundays from January 6th-February 7

Check out article below for details


Livonia Democratic Club

January 10@Livonia Quality Inn

7:00 social and 7:30 meeting



Best of Livonia Balloting

The entire month of February


Something for Everyone

February 2

Livonia Symphony Orchestra

4:00 @ Louis Schmidt Auditorium


Shamrocks & Tea

Do you hear the leprechauns calling? March 10@ Livonia Marriott

Motor City Youth Theatre 
Lion King Workshop
Inspired by
The Lion King Broadway Production

Lion King
 Three shows at 
Grantland Street Playhouse: 

7:00 PM February 8-9 
2:00 PM Sunday, Feb. 10
Ad-ups store
Drive and drop
Plans are underway for the 3rd annual Livonia Drive and Drop food drive sponsored by the Livonia UPS Store with food being donated to the Livonia Goodfellows. Look for upcoming announcements about this exciting community event in May
movie theatre

The typewriter's take on movies showing in our hometown Livonia:
Promised Land, A good flick. Regardless of your position on fracking this is a great platform for one of the best actors of this generation, Matt Damon.

Phoenix Digital
This is a Livonia Theatre, Michigan owned, recommended for all your entertainment needs from first run movies to stage, opera and ballet.
Livonia recreation
Congratulations to Livonia's new leadership team
Johnson, Mark
Mark Johnson
Laura, Diane
Diane Laura
Burton, Colleen
Colleen Burton Vice President

New leaders for the 
Livonia Public Schools

So many readers of Musings have asked if we still had
the Love Livonia bumper stickers in stock that we 
are making them available once again.

To order simply send a check made payable to
Think Ink, Box 158, 37637 Five Mile, Livonia 48154

Price is just as simple:
$2.00 for 1     $3.00 for 2     $4.00 for 3
To put one on every vehicle in your fleet drop a note and special bulk pricing will be passed along.

All orders will be mailed in time for our February
We Love Livonia month and the kick off of the 
Best of Livonia balloting which starts February 1st and runs the entire month of February.
Innovators of Michigan to 
convene in Livonia


What would it mean to live in a city where the community was changing and you recognized that you yourself must be a part of that change.


 "Council to consider members for 

visioning task force tonight"

Headline Farmington Observer January 7


Imagine that headline in the Livonia Observer.  Innovators. Thinkers. Creators. All seeking out Livonia as their center for building a new image for Wayne County or leading southeast Michigan into the next decade.


creative thinking Imagine a headline in the Livonia Observer seeking out 160 hometown neighbors to form a Vision 2020 committee as envisioned by Council President Laura Toy. No consultants. No high priced firms from out of town. Just neighbors with 16 folks on 10 committees looking at the recommendations made by the Vision 2000 task force and rewriting recommendations based on a changing hometown.


The political class tends to rely more and more on an entrenched bureaucracy and with the cut back on budgets at the state and local levels that hard working bureaucracy tends to be overworked providing the political class with the opportunity to use the excuse that budget cutbacks make considering an idea impossible at this time.


By definition it means that the status quo is maintained and progress is put off for another time and another year allowing problems to fester and possible solutions to be long forgotten or more difficult and expensive to obtain.


Workers are exhausted and stressed. Voters become skeptical.  A task that once would go to the top of the list suddenly becomes tougher to accomplish and moves lower or completely off the page.


That is yet another reason why we need more headlines of innovators, thinkers, creators meeting. The type of work to be done off the city budgets and onto that of the volunteer sector.


We have seen that with the effort of Matt Collins, President of the Livonia Lions, who has been meeting with representatives of the various service clubs and have taken on two projects benefiting the city without any cost at all:


1. A community needs assessment survey

2. A newsletter to new families each month as they move in


Innovators. Thinkers. Creators. All working for Livonia. Keep it up. the political class benefits from innovators, thinkers and creators.


Now it is time for a Vision 2020 citizen driven committee.

 It's time to take off the party hat and put on the thinking cap

Simply put we must get out of our rut as politically engaged citizens who have an eye on one and only one perspective and visit the rest of the political spectrum. 


It is a rut that I struggle with every morning as I spend time reading 7-9 newspapers and websites, from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times, from the Detroit News to the Drudge Report.

political hat

How to take what is out there and make sense without automatically accepting one train of thought as being the only one is the struggle I deal with daily.


Ross Douthat writing in the New York Times suggests that we need to "shake free of the toils of partisanship, and let your mind rove more widely and freely. . .subjecting the views you take for granted to real scrutiny, changing the filters through which you view" the world.


This is the dilemma that I face constantly while volunteering for community service programs. One person will want to talk about the presidential candidate I support and call me extreme. One person will want to find an excuse not to work on a project because someone else of another political  persuasion is involved.


When I look at my views on issues I do not support increasing the number of charter schools, the proliferation of internet high school education or concealed weapons in our schools or churches, or community colleges granting four year degrees.  


But I like our state representative John Walsh who supports all of these. When working for the good of the community we should put aside our political hat and put on our thinking cap. 



Years ago while serving as a Wayne County Commissioner I was spending my Friday morning, as usual, standing in front of the Plymouth downtown post office. Down the steps came a smiling, bubbly hometown leader of the volunteer community. A staunch Republican.


Up he came with his finger in my face and a smile on his. "I figured you out Bill. You are really a liberal but you smile so much and talk to everyone and we all like you and don't pay attention to your views."


He had me dead to right.


I believed in retail politics with all politics being local. Telling people what I stood for and listening to what everyone had to say. Regardless of party I enjoyed working with my neighbors.



What does that have to do with John Walsh? Simple. I like John Walsh and being term limited he will not be able to stand before the voters on these issues but when he runs for say Mayor, which some suggest, or seeks one day to be President of Schoolcraft College which some suggest, will I look at him as an elected official readily available and easy to work with or will I remember him for the votes he took that are opposite my views.


I just know that when he responds to questions, volunteers to support local organizations, or just calls to say hello it makes it a lot easier to put aside the party hat and put on the thinking cap. 


He is not alone in that regard. Others like Laura Cox and Terry Marecki are people who put aside the political hat and willingly put on their community hat. And when they do it is easier to understand where they come from and what they stand for.


Now that doesn't mean that we always should support people only because they are nice to us or support the programs we do but it does open the door, build a bridge, establish a relationship . .or whatever you want to call it.


We should all try to work together for the good of us all. That's why I guess I read both sides, if only to understand.


Make Civic Engagement a Livonia Priority in the 

New Year



Marnee: Two comments...on my favorite weekly read:


First, Toy and Mang are a dynamic duo that can do wonders for the City of Livonia.  Many, many people are more than willing to volunteer and work with them to see their visions become a reality.


Our gift giving using local merchants, not only gives our economy a boost,  but promotes a friendly atmosphere with our merchants.  VIC'S CAR WASH  is located on Plymouth Rd. E. of Middlebelt on the S. side of the street. Family owned with very friendly service!


See you at President's Cabinet meeting. 

Typewriter: Let's see those Cabinet meetings scheduled for the entire year and put them to good use. I look forward to seeing you and the others at the next meeting. 

Matt Collins: I received my reply from David Varga today (on the use of the) Old Courthouse for Community use: 

"We appreciate and understand the continued interest by non-profit groups and other organizations in the old 16th District Courthouse building. Unfortunately, there is currently no opportunity to make the building available, other than for special occasions and temporary uses. As you know, currently the building is used for the commodity food distribution program.


"Once budget funding is available, the Mayor intends to use the building as an annex for the Livonia Senior Center.


"We have accommodated the Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition with office space in the City Hall and that arrangement is meeting the needs of that organization and has provided good use of vacant space in the building. Provided that other organizations can meet ongoing expenses, the City may have additional space available in City Hall for organizations that may want to consider a similar arrangement."


Typewriter: Matt you are doing a great job following up on strengthening our volunteer sector. For that reason I will eat even more of the Lions Club corn on the cob at Spree this year and take on all challengers in a corn eating contest.


Colleen Burton: As one school board member reading your question, there are currently no plans or any money allocated in the upcoming bond to move the school board building to another site.


The focus of the bond is to address high needs of the school district. This has not been brought forward as a high need by students, staff, board members or the community.
Typewriter: I can always rely on Colleen Burton to provide information and respond to questions. Thanks Colleen for clarifying this issue.


Debra Bonde: Thanks (to the service clubs) for including Seedlings, And what a great idea!! I hope it is well received and keeps on rolling. 

Charlie Mahoney: this (new resident mailer) is great - thanks to Kathy and Eric and of course the service clubs for making it happen.  Great start for 2013.  

Jim McCann: I  think (the new resident mailer) is great and it would be a great thing for real estate brokers to have.   They might be able to put a link on their listings to this.  There could also be direct links to the City, Parks and Rec, Schools etc.
Beth Labadie: Great job (on the new resident mailer)!  

Typewriter: Thanks to you and the Livonia Optimist Club for sponsoring the first printing and mailing. Keep up the good work
Haika Gay: Nice (new resident) newsletter, well laid out, colorful, informative telling those who are moving to Livonia what a great town they've chosen. 

Typewriter: And thanks to you for offering to help with the proofreading of future issues. And we did make the one significant change you pointed out. We changed St. Paul's Players to Paul's Players. Good eye.
Terry MareckiBest wishes for a speedy recovery 

The typewriter is sending out thoughts an prayers to Dan Kachnowski home recovering from surgery and under the watchful eye of caregiver Rose.

All the best and look forward to seeing you at the February 2nd Livonia Symphony concert.

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