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Loan Originator Compensation -  

The Regulatory Examination

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As you may know, I have written extensively on Loan Originator Compensation.

Indeed, my firm and I provide the FAQs Outline - Loan Originator Compensation, an on-going project that is currently at 425 Frequently Asked Questions and 132 pages in length.

I have now published an article about the anticipated Regulatory Examination that will be implemented by federal and state banking authorities.

It is entitled:

Loan Originator Compensation -
The Regulatory Examination

In the article, I outline appropriate examination guidelines and requirements, including the audit and review components, methodology, various scopes and modules, document and information requests, and the information questionnaire.

The article is published in the November 2011 edition of the highly regarded National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

I hope you enjoy reading the article.



As a courtesy exclusively to our subscribers, the Publisher is offering a complimentary one year free subscription to the magazine.


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The easy part is over. Now the real fun begins.
When April 6, 2011 arrived, the mortgage industry was still scrambling to understand the new loan originator compensation Final Rule (Rule), how to implement it across various origination channels, and, most importantly, how to integrate it into operational, logistical, and financial components.

Nevertheless, for months afterward the Rule continued to perplex and frustrate, particularly with respect to properly implementing disclosures and compensation plans. It still causes considerable consternation.

As we all know, generally there is no regulation issued - whether the statutes are at the federal or state level - that does not have a corresponding regulatory examination to assure enforcement.

And so it goes: on October 6, 2011 - exactly six months to the day when the Rule became effective - the first examination guidelines for loan originator compensation were promulgated.


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Expect the Unexpected

As I have said many times, preparation is protection. Don't wait for the regulator's Document Request letter to implement any regulatory requirement.  


If you wait, by then it's often too late. Remember, most examinations are look-backs, reaching to the previous examination, or a stated time frame previous to the current examination.  


Most examiners have a "No Tolerance" view of firms that cannot provide supporting documents and information in a timely manner. The "record speaks for itself" is the inflexible standard!  


Our audit and due diligence reviews are the property of our client, and as fully confidential as if the client conducted its own review, with its internal resources - which, of course, is certainly a viable option.  


So, there really is no excuse for not being prepared for a regulatory examination for loan originator compensation or any other examination.


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