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Fishing this Week
Chefs are loving the choices of local, fresh fish this week.  Fluke are being caught off the coast of Rhode Island & North Carolina and all sizes are looking terrific.  We're excited for the Virginia Fluke opening on the 16 th and the New Jersey Fluke season reopens again on November 5 th.  With clear eyes and an iridescent color, Black Sea Bass are excellent catch as well.  These fish are trap caught off the coast of Rhode Island and New Jersey.  Looking for big Stripers?  We have large sized Wild Striped Bass hook & line caught off Montauk, New York and Block Island, Rhode Island.  As Tropical Storm Nate has caused hurricane and storm surge warnings along the Gulf, domestic Red Snapper availability may be limited next week.  It is always hard to predict wild fish availability with hurricanes, so please stay updated with your sales agent.  Squid availability has also begun to improve, however, catch is still limited.  

Florida Stone Crab Claw Season Starts
Crab lovers, rejoice! Florida Stone Crab Claw season starts on October 15 th, and it's a delicious sustainable seafood sourced locally from our coast. Florida Stone Crab has tender and sweet meat. The claws offer a very interesting tasting experience, and they're best eaten cold. They are perfect as a fall appetizer or paired as a surf and turf. When a Florida Stone Crab is caught, a claw is removed and the Crab is then thrown back into the sea where it will regenerate the limb quickly. We're so excited about the season opening next week! It closes May 15 th, so everyone can enjoy Florida Stone Crab Claws throughout over half of the year. Yum!

Crabs & Crabs
October is National Seafood Month because it is the best time of year for many local seafood options.  Hard Shell Crabs are one of the treats at their peak, they've been eating all summer which makes them...good eating.  Take advantage of good Hard Shell pricing especially as Soft Shell Crab season is now winding down.

Time to Switch
Wild Salmon season is also coming to a close.  We expect to have Wild Alaska Coho Salmon available for the next week or so, however, King Salmon availability is decreasing and we recommend switching to a premier Atlantic Salmon such as True North Salmon on special this month.  

Behold: The Great White Oyster
We have a new Oyster in this week at Samuels! The Great White Oyster is from the cold waters of Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts, and it has a high salinity and a very crisp, clean flavor. During their grow-out, they're elevated off the bottom - reducing the amount of sand and silt that the Oysters have to filter out to get nutrients, and allowing them to grow quickly. The Great White Oyster is about 3 to 3.5 inches, and it's available now! Get your hands on this fantastic-tasting, locally-sourced Oyster and be the first to feature it on your menu.

Scallop Update
As cooler temperatures approach and quotas are being filled, Atlantic Scallop catch will begin decreasing.  In addition to this yearly trend, Hurricane's over the past two months have just about shut down fishing for the past several weeks.  We're dedicated to keeping you supplied with one of the most menued seafood options around and we have the highest quality options available.  Even during off season months, we will keep you supplied.  

D elivery Drivers - We Want YOU! 
Family-friendly environment. a Competitive compensation. a Freedom on the open road. a Samuels is searching for the best delivery drivers to join our growing team, and we have our eyes peeled for you or someone you know. We have CDL and non-CDL positions available, so reach out to us if you think you're the one for the job! Samuels has a friendly, supportive environment and competitive benefits. We love to work here, and we know you will too. Apply online at, or to check out our full list of available positions. We can't wait to hear from you! 

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Raw Bar...New, Great White Oysters 
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