Local Harvest Grocery Newsletter
January 2018

New Deals in the New Year
It's cold outside! Warm up with a hot cup of tea- now through the end of January, all tea in store is 10% off! This includes all local teas from Big Heart Tea, Traveling Tea, Black Brew Tea, and more, plus all non-local teas from Yogi and Shotii Ma, as well as all loose teas in our bulk section. 
Citrus is back and better than ever! Each year our friends at Double Star Farms teams up with Sam Putt's family-run citrus grove in California to bring us the best blood oranges, mandarins, organic navels, grapefruit, and lemons. These are picked at the peak of ripeness and transported directly to us, so they are fresher and more nutritious than most other grocery store citrus (hello Vitamin C)! Come in and taste the difference! 

Join Weekly Harvest, Our Year-Round CSA
Our Weekly Harvest CSA runs all year, even through the winter. We source organic produce from non-local farms when local produce is less abundant. Each share features a local, pasture-raised meat or vegetarian alternative, local and organic produce, free-range eggs every other week, and a monthly rotation of coffee/tea, local grains, and local dairy. 

Weekly Harvest runs year-round and does not require a long term commitment or prepayment. The cost is $50 per share, and members may pay by cash, credit, debit, or check each week upon pick up. 

Trial weeks are available if you're unsure of making a commitment!

We send out a weekly newsletter with recipes and storage tips to help you strategize and plan your meals.  We also offer a 10% discount on additional groceries when you pick up your share (excluding alcohol).

Choose your options: omnivore or vegetarian, coffee or tea, weekly or biweekly pick ups, and your pick up day: after 2 PM Friday, any time Sunday, any time Monday, or Monday delivery (for an additional $5, to a limited area). 

Visit the Weekly Harvest website or Facebook Page, or email Becca at weeklyharvest8@gmail.com for more information!

Double Up Food Bucks Continues

The popular Double Up Food Bucks program is still ongoing! Customers with SNAP/EBT Food Stamps may purchase local produce at regular price and receive a voucher for the same amount to spend on any local or non-local produce here at Local Harvest Grocery. 

Local produce in our store is labelled with a green "local" tag, while non-local produce is presented with a white tag. Feel free to ask any employee for more information on the program. 

Don't forget to redeem your earned food bucks vouchers! All vouchers issued last year are still valid for 2018!

Learn more about the Double Up Food Bucks program here
We are constantly adding new products! Just a few we've added and re-stocked recently:
Everydaygood-Life bath salts
Lesa's antiperspirant and deodorant
Bee Simple soaps, lotions, and beard oil

Hilty's pear butter and apple almond butter
Volpi Rolatinis
Bittersweet Kichens fudge sauces
Vegan parmesan and block cheeses
Forbidden rice ramen noodles
Kettle & Fire bone broth
Jackson's Honest chips
Tony's fair trade chocolates
Steckler Grassfed cheeses

Looking for a certain product or know one we should sell? Let us know! 
We also offer 10% off on special orders by the case. 
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