Pleasant Heights Baptist Church
Local Help Needed...
Church Family,


This week we have had the privilege of hosting a group of college students from Appalachian State.  They are here in our area during their spring break volunteering at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald.   As a part of them staying at the church they offered to help us out any way they can.  We have a church member who has a significant amount of yard work to be done.  The college students are willing to do the work Thursday and Friday evenings from 4:45 until dark.  However, they did not bring any equipment with them to accomplish this task and I am requesting your help.


The property is five and a half acres and a pick up with trailer would greatly assist in getting the limbs and debris to the road frontage.  Rakes, pruners, and hedge trimmers are also needed.  Ideally I am looking for someone who can be there from 4:45 until dark the next two days with truck, trailer and necessary yard equipment.  You would not be required to work (except for moving the truck and trailer around for laoding) unless you wanted.  There are eleven college students in this group who should have no difficulty accomplishing this task after dealing with elephants all week.


Please let me know if you can help in any way.


Thank you,