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June, 2013

In this issue
            New Sales Opportunities for Your Business                              

Local Solutions for Your Marketing & Sales Program    

Local Knowledge - Global Reach


Sales Programs designed to market, sell and manage transactions for small businesses and their new to market products and services in the Arezza Network of communities via mobile and on demand systems for products, services utilizing online and in person events.


The Name is from the Italian "Come Here" and is meant to be an open invitation to visit, in person or virtually, our local areas in collaboration with local partners and our network blog


                  present your product or service,

         establish a local distribution system,

        train or be trained in a new activity


What Products and Services

The broad focus is on tourism related products and services, energy systems and environmental services. Vieni Qu� is especially designed for small manufacturers and service providers seeking niche markets for their limited quantity, high quality and personalized offers.  


a unique opportunity to meet clients one on one, work with local specialized retailers and make available related training


How Does it Work
You can signup for Arezza's Vieni Qu� Program at no cost to make available information about your products and services. Your contact points is the Arezza Coordinator in your community who will update you on sales and other opportunities.


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